NM WRRI’s 60th Annual Water Conference Proceedings

Coloring Outside the Lines:
Can Science Help Us Be Creative and Innovative in Managing Our Water?

October 8-9, 2015
Sagebrush Inn and Suites
Taos, NM
WRRI Report No. 389
2015 conference proceedings (as one file)


Title Page and Conference Photos
Table of Contents
Conference Advisory Committee
Is New Mexico Resilient to the Coming Water Supply Challenges?
Dagmar Llewellyn, Bureau of Reclamation
Groundwater Availability: An Issue of Scale and Science-Based Water management
Kevin Dennehy, U.S. Geological Survey, Groundwater Resources Program
Successfully Leading Through the Challenges of Change
Michael McElhenie, Being First, Inc.
Tree-ring Science in Hydroclimatology: Some Great Basin Examples
Franco Biondi, University of Nevada, Reno
Climate Change: Recent News from the Journals
Brad Udall, Colorado Water Institute
New Mexico Statewide Water Issues Update
John T. Romero, New Mexico Office of the State Engineer
The “Abeyta Settlement”: Miss the Deadline, Lose the Money, Back to Trials
Darcy Bushnell, Utton Transboundary Resources Center
Regional Topics Panel (Moderated by José A. Rivera – As One File)
Balancing Agricultural Use of Surface and Groundwater Along the Rio Grande (As One File)
    • Middle Rio Grande
      David Gensler, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District
    • Lower Rio Grande
      Gary Esslinger, Elephant Butte Irrigation District
      J. Phillip King, Elephant Butte Irrigation District
The Economic and Social Benefits of an Integrated Approach: Marrying LiDAR Data and the National Hydrographic Dataset
Elizabeth Zeiler, New Mexico Environment Department
Carol Giffin,
U.S. Geological Survey
Capability of the Current New Mexico Water Policy to Adapt to Coming Challenges: New and Innovative Ways to Meet Future Needs
Fred Phillips, New Mexico Tech
Restoring State Forests, Protecting Watersheds and Ensuring a Fresh and Adequate Water Supply
Laura McCarthy, The Nature Conservancy
Beyond Infrastructure: Building Resilience to Water-Related Impacts of Climate Change in the U.S. and Overseas
Karen MacClune, Institute for Social and Environmental Transition
How California is Coping with Drought
Tanya Trujillo, Colorado River Board of California
Watershed Health Panel (Moderated by Ron Gardiner – As One File)
Summary of Current United States Geological Survey Drought Research in the Western States
Earl Greene, U.S. Geological Survey, External Research
Poster Abstracts
Participant List