NM WRRI’s 46th Annual Water Conference

Watershed Management: Restoration, Utilization, and Protection

November 5-7, 2001
WRRI Report No 323
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Table of Contents

Conference Program

Keynote Address: Four Decades of Understanding Watershed Degradation and Our Rehabilitation of the Carrizo Valley Watershed - Sid Goodloe (253kb), Owner and Operator, Carrizo Valley Ranch

U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Program - Robert Hirsch (297kb), Associate Director, U.S. Geological Survey

U. S. Forest Service Water-Related Programs - Eleanor Towns (29kb), Regional Forester, Southwestern Region, U.S. Forest Service

Overview and History of New Mexico Watershed Management Watershed Management in New Mexico - Rosendo Trevino (75kb), State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service

New Mexico Department of Forestry Watershed Management - Toby Martinez (267kb), Director, New Mexico Department of Forestry.

Riparian and Grazing Management Issues Grazing Management for Healthy Watersheds - Karl Wood (247kb), Director, WRRI

Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions - Alexander "Sam" Fernald (258kb), NMSU Animal and Range Sciences

Management of New Mexico's Riparian Areas - Terrell "Red" Baker (42kb), NMSU Range Improvement Task Force

The Parable of the Salt Cedar - Steve Harris (18kb), Rio Grande Restoration

Logging and Fire Management Issues: The Changing Faces of Lincoln County Watersheds - Hollis Fuchs (293kb), Natural Resources Conservation Service

Forest Management Practices on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation - Bill Hornsby (205kb), Bureau of Indian Affairs

The Historical Role of Fire and Ecosystem Management of Fires, Gila National Forest, New Mexico - Paul Boucher (227kb), U.S. Forest Service

New Mexico Department of the Environment Watershed Protection Program - Jim Davis (223kb), New Mexico Environment Department

East Mountain Forest Health Project - Sue Wilson Beffort (34,795kb), New Mexico Senator

New Mexico Water Conference Advisory Committee

Water Conference Participant List