NM WRRI’s 42th Annual Water Conference

Water Issues of Eastern New Mexico

October 2-3, 1997, Tucumcari Convention Center
WRRI Report No. 304
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover, Table of Contents, and Conference Program

Director's Statement - Tom Bahr

Keynote Address - Commissioner Eluid Martinez

An Engineer Reflects on the Water History of the Eastern Plains - John W. Hernandez

Reservoir Storage Development in the Canadian River Basin and Related Litigation - Philip B. Mutz

An Overview of the Geology of Northeastern New Mexico - Adrian P. Hunt

The High Plains (Ogallala) Aquifer: Managing the Resource in the Southern High Plains, New Mexico - Dennis Woodward

Overview of the Hydrology of Northeastern New Mexico - Charles R. Wilson

Persistence: Brief Development History of the Tucumcari Irrigation Project (Arch Hurley Conservancy District) - Jim Geyler

Update on New Mexico Water Issues and What is Happening in the New Mexico State Engineer Office - Thomas C. Turney

Geohydrologic Characteristics of the Taylor Well Field, City of Las Vegas, New Mexico - Jay Lazarus and Paul G. Drakos

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Study for the City of Alamogordo, New Mexico - Eddie Livingston and Steven T. Finch, Jr.

Groundwater Relationships along the New Mexico-Texas Stateline in the Southern High Plains - Mustafa Chudnoff

Water Rights Considerations Regarding Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater in New Mexico - Andrew L. Lieuwen

A Technology for In Situ Denitrification of Groundwater - H. Eric Nuttall

Cobble Mulch: An Anasazi Water-Conservation Gardening Technique - Carleton S. White, David R. Dreesen and Samuel R. Loftin

Some Facts about Cloud Seeding from Recent Research on Rain Enhancement in Texas - George W. Bomar

Lake Meredith Salinity Control Project - Lee Wilson and Leon E. Esparza

Watershed Management Issues - Debbie Hughes

Growth, Development and Water: Panel of Policy Makers - Mayor Pro Tem Ron Harris, Mayor Nathan L. Tharp, Mayor Donald Davis, Administrator Larry Wallin, Commissioner Glenn Briscoe

Regional Water Planning - J. Phelps White III, Tracy Seidman Hephner, Mary Helen Follingstad, Lee Tillman

Agricultural Water Conservation Panel - Woods Houghton, Scotty Savage, Robert Faubion, Palemon Martinez

Agricultural Water Conservation Panel - Frank A. Ward and J. Phillip King

Water Conference Advisory Committee

Participant List