NM WRRI’s 41st Annual Water Conference

Integrated Water Resources Management: Northwestern New Mexico as a Case Study

September 19-20, 1996, Farmington, New Mexico
WRRI Report No. 302
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover, Title page, Table of Contents, Conference Program

Director's Statement

Welcome to Farmington - Mayor Thomas C. Taylor

Welcome from Navajo President - Albert Hale

Dividing the Waters of the Colorado: A Century of Achievement - Albert E. Utton

Overview of Important Colorado River Basin Issues - Phillip B. Mutz

Introduction to the Geology and Hydrogeology of Northwestern New Mexico - Steven C. Semken

Water Resources Issues of the Four Corners Region

Keynote Address: Current Bureau of Reclamation Policies Affecting the Colorado River Region - Charles A. Calhoun

Overview of Endangered Species Recovery Efforts in the Upper Colorado River Basin - John Hamill

Panel: Perspectives on ESA Recovery Efforts - Jim Brooks, Tom Pitts, Cindy Murray, Philip B. Mutz, and Dick Gerding

Environmental Concerns and Regulation of the Oil and Gas Industry - William C. Olson

Industry Outlook: Current and Future Water Needs - Charles E. Roybal

Oil, Natural Gas, and Groundwater in the San Juan Basin - A Summary - Ronald F. Broadhead

Groundwater Issues Related to Coal-Bed Methane Production, Northern San Juan Basin - Steven T. Finch, Jr.

Regional Water Planning: Institutional Arrangements and Politics in Northwestern New Mexico - Richard Cheney

Regional Water Planning Cooperation in Times of No Water - Mike Hamman and Sherry Tippitt

Views of the Animas-La Plata Project - Pat Schumacher, Sarah Dormon, Randy Kirkpatrick, Liz N. Taylor, and Scott McElroy

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