NM WRRI’s 36th Annual Water Conference

Agencies and Science Working for the Future

November 7-8, 1991, Corbett Center, NMSU
WRRI Report No. 265
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



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Student Paper Competition



Water Conference Advisory Committee

Water Resources: Global Impacts on Local Management - Gerald Thomas

University Technology Transfer - Averett Tombes

A Research Half-Life: Twenty Years of Studies on Watershed Processes - Tim Ward

A Historical Look at Watershed Improvement on the National Forests in New Mexico - Douglas Shaw

Hydrologic Responses to Fuelwood Harvest and Slash Disposal on a Pinyon-Juniper Dominated Grassland Site in the Gila National Forest - M. Karl Wood and Nasim Javed

Hydrologic Processes in the Pinyon-Juniper Vegetation Zone of Arizona and New Mexico - Susan Bolton, Timothy J. Ward and J. Sam Krammes

Current Issues in New Mexico Water Resources - Eluid Martinez

Training Needs of the New Mexico Environment Department - Kathleen Sisneros

Assessment of In Situ Bioremediation of Cyanide and Nitrate at a Heap Leach Mining Operation in New Mexico - James Markwiese and Carleton S. White

Sorption of Organics to Surface-Altered Zeolities - Daphne Neel and Robert S. Bowman

Enhancement of Solar Photocatalytic Detoxification by Adsorption of Porphyrins onto TiO2 - Sabir Majumder and Mark R. Ondrias

Soil Loss -- Key to Understanding Site Productivity - Malchus B. Baker, Jr. and Roy L. Jemison

Decreasing Trends of Suspended Sediment Loads in Selected Streamflow Stations in New Mexico - Allen Gellis

Water Quality in the Rio Costilla Watershed: Multiple Agencies, Multiplying Problems - David Coss

Sewage Sludge Application in Semiarid Grasslands: Effects on Runoff and Surface Water Quality - Richard Aguilar and Samuel R. Loftin

Sedimentation Effects on Water Quality at Elephant Butte Reservoir - Lorenzo Arriaga

The Rio Grande Joint Initiatives -- A Demonstration of Interagency Collaboration in Water Management - Eleonora Trotter, Richard Kreiner, and Garry Rowe

Fire and Gila Trout Recovery in Wilderness Watersheds - Bruce Anderson

Hydrologic Considerations Related to Inventory and Evaluation of Wildlife Water Units at White Sands Missile Range - Darren D. Divine, Bruce C. Thompson, Douglas W. Burkett, and Raul Valdez

Riparian Structures and Watershed Treatments in the Southwest: History, Status, and Management Implications -- A Preliminary Report - Russell LaFayette and John N. Rinne

Research and Training Needs of Agencies: A Panel Discussion

Water Conference Participant List