NM WRRI’s 16th Annual Water Conference

Water-A Key to a Quality Environment

Mar. 25-26, 1971


Conference Proceedings (as one file)




Proceedings of the Annual New Mexico Water Conference 1956 - 1971

Proclamation - Water For New Mexico Week



Table of Contents

Water - A Key To A Quality Environment - New Mexico And The Southwest - Gerald Thomas

Comprehensive Study On The Rio Grande - San Marcial, New Mexico To Fort Quitman, Texas - Jesse Gilmer

Problems And Projects Of The Elephant Butte Irrigation District - Wayne Cunningham

Renovating Sewage Effluent By Groundwater Recharge - Herman C. Bouwer, J. C. Lance, and R. C. Rice

Water And New Mexico's Welfare - Governor Bruce King

Solutions To Water Problems -- The Time Is Now - Allen Agnew

Moderator of Student Program - Richard L. Thomas

Systems Analysis in Natural Resource Management - E. T. Bartlett

Arizona's Groundwater Problem And Proposed Legislation - Dean Eldon Peterson and larry L. Deason

Importance Of The Irrigation Of Corn (Zea mays, L.) During Its Maximum Rate Of Transpiration Period - Jose Macias Quintana and Jaime Leal Diaz

Antitranspirants: A Possible Alternative To The Eradication Of Saltcedar Thickets - Robert S. Cunningham and David B. Thorud

Sediment: The Critical Aspect Of Future Water Quality In The Aspen, Colorado Region - David Manni

The Potential Contamination Of Surface Waters By Herbicides - Robert W. Wocknitz

Monthly Consumptive Irrigation Requirements As A Guide To Efficient Management - Bobby J. Creel

Basic Summary Of Student Section - Ralph Fegley

Impact Of Water Development For The Navajos - W. D. Gorman

Land And Water Problem Solving On The Upper Rio Grande - Ralph M. Bell

Water Import To West Texas And New Mexico - Bill Clayton

The Historical Approach To Water Law -- Its Value And Its Problems - Ira G. Clark

Cochiti - A Key Water Resource Development For New Mexico - Colonel R. L. West