NM WRRI 61st Annual New Mexico Water Conference Proceedings

Where Does All the Water Go?
History, Hydrology & Management of New Mexico’s Scarce Waters

October 6-7, 2016
Global Resource Center Auditorium
Western New Mexico University, Silver City
WRRI Report No. 399
2016 conference proceedings (as one file)


Title Page and Conference Photos
Table of Contents
Conference Advisory Committee
Where Does All the Water Go in New Mexico?
Jeffrey J. Wechsler, Montgomery
and Andrew Law Firm
Solving the Colorado River’s Problems
John Fleck, University of New Mexico,
Water Resources Program
Future Direction of Federal Water Policy
Jeff Riley, Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office
Vegetation Management and Water Yield:
Silver Bullet or a Pipe Dream?
Lee MacDonald, Colorado State University
Preserving Western Agricultural Water Use Against New Demands
Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance
Elements of Resilient Water Policy:
A Selective and Informal History of the Utton Transboundary Resource Center’s Approach to Supporting Water Resiliency
Marilyn O’Leary, Former Director,
Utton Transboundary Resources Center
Monitoring Long-Term Relationships Among Surface Flow, Groundwater, and Vegetation on the Gila River
Martha Cooper, The Nature Conservancy
Ellen Soles, Southern Colorado Plateau Network
of the National Park Service
2016 Albert E. Utton Memorial Water Lecture: Rethinking Western Water Management
Jeff Bingaman, Former United States Senator
from New Mexico
The Changing Gila River: Past, Present, and Future
David Gutzler, University of New Mexico
Groundwater/Surface Water Connections
Sam Fernald, Director, New Mexico Water Resources
Research Institute
Riparian Management Effects on Flow Along the Canadian River
Jasper Brusuelas, New Mexico State University, master’s degree student
Using Chloride Mass Balance to Quantify Groundwater Recharge in the Mountains of New Mexico
David Ketchum, NM Tech, master’s degree student, and NM WRRI Student Water Research Grant recipient
Managing Drought Risks Through Water Banks:
Who Pays and Who Benefits?
Bonnie Colby, University of Arizona
Panel Discussion: Can Vegetation Management Increase Water Yield from Forest and Rangeland Watersheds?
(Moderated by Lee MacDonald, Colorado State University)
•  Changing Snowmelt RunoffDagmar Llewellyn, Bureau of Reclamation
•  Santa Fe Paired Basin StudyAmy Lewis, Hydrologist
•  Collaborative Forest Management Project in New MexicoKent Reid, New Mexico Highlands University
•  Gila/San Francisco Watershed Restoration Project – Lessons LearnedAlex Thal, Southwest Center for Resource Analysis & Ralph Pope, Southwest Native Ecosystems Management
The Geology of the Silver City Area
Mary Dowse, WNMU Geologist
The Science Behind Measuring Depletions
Salim Bawazir, New Mexico State University
USGS Water Availability and Use Science Program
Melinda Dalton, U.S. Geological Survey
New Mexico Water Update
Tom Blaine, New Mexico State Engineer
Greg Ridgley, Office of the State Engineer
Poster Abstracts
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