Special Report 1

Water Resources and Their Economic Importance in New Mexico, a set of papers presented at a staff and graduate seminar conducted by the Agricultural Economics Department, New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, State College, New Mexico

September 1956


Conference Proceedings (as one file)






Source and Disappearance of the Total Water Supply – H. R. Stucky

A Brief Review of Surface Water Studies in New Mexico – Morris Evans

General Observations on Underground Water in New Mexico – W. P. Stephens

Legal Status of Water in New Mexico – Charles D. Harris

The Watershed Protection Program – Public Law 566 – Harold B. Elmendorf

The Soil and Water Conservation Program in New Mexico – Robert C. Young

Water Production from Forest Lands of New Mexico – George D. Hardaway

Southwest Watershed Studies of Agricultural Research Service – Joel E. Fletcher and J. L. Gardner

The Effects of Interstate Compacts on New Mexico Water Supply – S. E. Reynolds

Irrigation Developments by the Bureau of Reclamation in New Mexico – Leon W. Hill

Water Supply and Costs in Operation of Rio Grande Project – Theodore H. Moser

The Colorado River Storage Project and Participating Partners – Ralph Charles

Ground Water: Its Importance to the Economy of New Mexico – C. S. Conover

Streamflow Investigations of the U. S. Geological Survey in New Mexico – Wallace T. Miller

The Work of the Corps of Engineers in New Mexico – Robert C. Woodson

Hydrologic Aspects of Planning Flood Control Works in New Mexico – John T. Martin

Problems of the Elephant Butte Irrigation District – John L. Gregg

Stream Flow Studies in the Mesilla Valley – Frank Bromilow

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