NM WRRI’s 8th Annual Water Conference

Saline Water Conference

Jul. 1-2, 1963, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)






Conference Photos

Opening Session

Remarks by Governor Campbell – Governor Jack Campbell

Remarks by Congressman Joseph M. Montoya – Congressman Joseph M. Montoya

Remarks by Secretary of the Interior – Secretary Stewart L. Udall

Remarks by Senator Clinton P. Anderson – Senator Clinton P. Anderson

History, Function, And Program Of The Office Of Saline Water – Charles F. MacGowan

The Roswell Saline Water Conservation Plant–Its Importance And Meaning To New Mexico – S. E. Reynolds

Engineering Design Of The Roswell Water Conservation Plant – Edward H. Lebeis, Jr.

Future Of Saline Water Conservation – Francis X. Bushman

The Law And The Future Of Saline Water Conservation – Robert Emmet Clark

The Future Of Saline Water Conservation, 1963 – Ray H. Jebens

The Disposal Of Desalination Brine Wastes – Warren Viessman

The Roswell Plant Construction – Donald P. Miller

Present And Future Water Conversion Plants Their Operation And Design – Paul L. Geiringer

Municipal Requirements Of A Saline Conversion Plant – John Russell

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