NM WRRI’s 6th Annual Water Conference


Nov. 1-2, 1961,Milton Student Center, University Park, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)






The Role Of Ground Water In The United States – O. M. Hackett

Availability Of Ground Water In New Mexico – William E. Hale

Changes In Quantity Of Ground Water – J. C. Yates

Economics Of Ground Water Irrigation – W. P. Stephens

Analyzing Pumping Test Data – F. X. Bushman

Electrical Analog Model For Analyzing Water-Supply Problems – R. W. Stallman

Quality Of Ground Water–Changes And Problems – J. M. Stow

Ground Water And Ground Water Law In New Mexico – Governor Edwin L. Mechem

An Outline Of The Statues Governing The Appropriation And Use Of Ground Water In New Mexcio – S. E. Reynolds

Administration Of Colorado Ground Water Law – John H. Cuykendall

Ground Water Administration In Arizona – Charles C. Royall, Jr.

General Principles Of Ground Water Administration In Texas – R. M. Dixon

The National Water Situation As Developed By The Select Committee On National Water Resources – Nathaniel Wollman

Little Drops Of Water – Roy Calkins


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