NM WRRI’s 5th Annual Water Conference

Watershed Management

Nov. 1-2, 1960, Milton Student Center, University Park, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)






Watershed Management Research – George F. Ellis

Watershed Management Begins On The Land – J. L. Merritt

The Watershed Management Program Of The U.S. Department Of Agriculture – Carl B. Brown

Seeding Of Summer Cumulus Clouds – A. Richard Kassander, Jr. and Louis J. Battan

Conference Photos

Some Research Findings On The Alamogordo Creek Experimental Watershed – R. V. Keppel and J. L. Gardner

Vegetation Management For Water Yield In The Southwest – Hudson G. Reynolds

Physical And Social Problems In Watershed Management – A. L. McComb

Management Of Alpine And Subalpine Mountainous Areas For Water Yield – L. D. Love

The Rio Puerco – Past, Present, And Future – E. J. Dortignac

Research On The Control Of Salt Cedar At New Mexico State University – J. Wayne Whitworth

Phreatophytes In Region 5 – O. J. Lowry

Salt Cedar Control With Chemicals – H. F. Arle

The Arizona Watershed Program – Joseph F. Arnold

Watershed Management To Increase Water Yield – C. L. Forsling

Water And People In New Mexico – H. R. Stucky

Water Needs Of Tomorrow – A. L. Miller

State Water Program – Steve Reynolds

Report On Governor’s Water Resources Committee – Jack M. Campbell

Saline Water Project Roswell — Development – Roger Aston

What The Saline Water Conversion Plant Means To The City Of Roswell, New Mexico – General C. M. Woodbury

Rio de Penasco Watershed Project – David J. Jones

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