NM WRRI’s 43rd Annual Water Conference

Water Challenges in the Lower Rio Grande

October 22 -23, 1998, Las Cruces, NM
WRRI Report No. 310
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Title page

Albert E. Utton Dedication

Director’s Statement


Table of Contents

Conference Program

Tom Bahr Receives Founder’s Award of Excellence

Welcoming Remarks – Mayor Ruben A. Smith

Keynote Address: Transfer of Reclamation Project Water from Historic Irrigation to New M & I Uses, Eluid Martinez, Commissioner Bureau of Reclamation

The Rio Grande Compact: Law of the River, Chuck DuMars, Thomas C. Turney, Hal D. Simpson and Jack Hammond

Regional Water Planning Update, Richard Cheney and Mary Helen Follingstad

The Evolution of the Rio Grande, Neal W. Ackerly

New Mexico/Texas Water Commission: Update on Commission Activities, Ed Archuleta

Luncheon Address: U.S. Congressman Joseph Skeen & Lieutenant Governor Walter D. Bradley

Basin Guidelines and Hydrographic Survey of the Lower Rio Grande, Calvin Chavez and Max Chavez

Groundwater Modeling in the Lower Rio Grande, W. Peter Balleau

U.S. Geological Survey Seepage Investigations of the Lower Rio Grande in the Mesilla Valley, Edward Nickerson

The Removal of Arsenic Compounds from Natural Water Sources, Robert Wingo

Effects of Fire on the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Mercury in Sediments of an Arid-Lands Reservoir in South-central New Mexico, Colleen A. Caldwell

Aquifer Sensitivity Assessment for the Mesilla Valley, John F. Kennedy

Concentration of Viral Particles from Water by Ultrafiltration, Kevin H. Oshima

An Assay for Toxic Chemicals Using Microorganisms, James Botsford

National Water Resources Association Update, Wayne Cunningham

New Mexico First’s Recommendations and the State Engineer-ISC Legislative Agenda for 1999, John Shomaker, John Shomaker & Associates

Water Quality in the Lower Rio Grande, James Davis, Roger Ferreira and Mark Jordan

Conversion of Water from Agriculture to Municipal Use: How to do it, John Utton, Edmund G. Archuleta, Gary Arnold and Len Stokes

New Mexico Water Conference Advisory Committee

Water Conference Participant List

Speaker Biographies

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