NM WRRI’s 4th Annual Water Conference

Water and Water Law

Nov. 5-6, 1959, University Park, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Program and Table Of Contents
Pueblo Rights In The West – Wells A. Hutchins
Conference Photos
Problems Of The Interstate Stream Commission – T. T. Sanders
The Pueblo Rights Doctrine In New Mexico – Robert Emmet Clark
Phreatophytes And Water Salvage – Jack G. Koogler
Report On Water Desalinization Program – S. E. Reynolds
Water Conservation In Industries, Municipalities and Agriculture – Ivan Wood
Value Of Water For Recreation And Other Uses – James R. Gray
Water And Recreation – Charles A. Richey
Legal Aspects Of The Recreational Program Of The New Mexico Department Of Game And Fish – Fred A. Thompson
Water Research Needs For New Mexico – A. S. Curry
Making The Most Of New Mexico’s Water Resources Through Research And Education – E. J. Workman
Education Needs In Watershed Conservation – George W. Worley
The Need For Water Resources Education In The Public Schools – W. B. O’Donnell
National Water Legislation – Congressman Tom Morris
Water Laws As They Affect New Mexico – Ross L. Malone
Concept Of Beneficial Use In Water Law Of New Mexico – Irwin S. Moise
Competition For Water Among Various Uses In Utah – Planning, Legislation, Administration – Wayne Criddle
Water And Land – Gladwin E. Young
Development Of New Mexico’s Water Resources Program – Governor John Burroughs

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