NM WRRI’s 47th Annual Water Conference

There’s No Doubt, We’re in a Drought!

October 9-11, 2002, Ruidoso Convention Center
WRRI Report No. 326
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover, Table of Contents, Conference Program (131kb)

Director’s Statement

Relationships Between the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and New Mexico Precipitation – Charlie Liles (836kb), National Weather Service

Drought Impacts on Water Supplies and Delivery in New Mexico – Tom Turney (988kb), New Mexico State Engineer

Meeting Compact Delivery Obligations During Times of Drought – Norman Gaume (29kb), Interstate Stream Commission

The Need for a U.S.-Mexico Border Environment and Human Health Initiative – Chip Groat (516kb), Director, U.S. Geological Survey

The Economic Impacts of Drought on Uses of the Rio Grande – Frank Ward (806kb), Department of Agricultural Economics, NMSU

Desalination as a Supply for Drought Relief – Eddie Livingston (509kb), Livingston and Associates

Strategies for Produced Water Handling in New Mexico – Robert Lee (1,936kb), Petroleum Recovery Research Center, NM Tech

Current Technology Related to Drought and Irrigation – Phil King, NMSU and Gary Esslinger, EBID (514kb), Inside New Mexico (Moderated by Sherry Tippett)

How Does Water Law Affect Management of New Mexico’s Water During Times of Drought? (35kb)

  • Steve Hernandez, Hubert and Hernandez
  • Fred Hennighausen, Pecos Valley Artesian Conservancy District
  • DL Sanders, Office of the State Engineer
  • Derrick Lente, Sandia Pueblo
  • David Benavidez, Community and Indian Legal Services of Northern New Mexico

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Drought Programs – Michael Gabaldon (17kb), Bureau of Reclamation

Water Banking: Panacea or Placebo? (528kb), Bob Grant, NM Interstate Stream Commissioner and Sue Wilson Beffort, New Mexico Legislator

How A Large Municipality Plans to Meet Its Future Water Supply Needs – Ed Archuleta (2,350kb), El Paso Water Utilities

How A small Town is Dealing with Drought Conditions – Len Stokes (493kb), Consultant for Village of Ruidoso

Water Requirements for Endangered Species in New Mexico

New Mexico Water Conference Advisory Committee

Water Conference Participant List (82kb)


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