NM WRRI’s 44th Annual Water Conference

The Rio Grande Compact: It’s the Law!

December 2-3, 1999, La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe
WRRI Report No 312
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover (91kb)

Table of Contents (66kb)

Conference Program (99kb)

Director’s Statement

Rio Grande Compact (167kb)

Keynote Address: The History of the Rio Grande Compact of 1938 (245kb), Douglas R. Littlefield , Littlefield Historical Research

Other Historical Perspectives on the Rio Grande Compact

Tribal Perspectives the Rio Grande Compact

How Colorado Meets Its Obligation Under the Rio Grande Compact (461kb)Steve Vandiver, Colorado Division of Water Resources

Hydrology and Key Accounting Components of the Compact (230kb) Conrad Keyes, Environmental and Water Resources Institute

Surface Water Hydrology of the Rio Grande Basin (609kb)Lee Wilson, Lee Wilson & Associates

Overview of the Groundwater Hydrology of the Rio Grande Basin (3,434kb) John Hawley, Emeritus Senior Geologist, NM Tech, Bureau of Mines and Mike Kernodle, geohydrologist

Current Water Budget of the Middle Rio Grande Basin (254kb)Frank Titus, hydrogeologist and Steve Hansen, Bureau of Reclamation

What is the Water Supply: Integrating Water Budget Studies (176kb)Deborah Hathaway, Papadopulos & Associates

Proposed Middle Rio Grande Guidelines for Review of Water Rights Applications (252kb)John D’Antonio, Office of the State Engineer

Paleohydrology of the Rio Grande (356kb)Neal Ackerly, Dos Rios Consultants, Inc.,

Current and Projected San Juan/Chama Water Use

New Mexico’s Obligation and Compliance under the Rio Grande Compact (656kb), Norman Gaume, Interstate Stream Commission

Consequences of Noncompliance (242kb), Charles DuMars, University of New Mexico School of Law

Do We Need Water Markets?

Upper Rio Grande Basin Water Operations Review and Environmental Impact Statement (302kb), Major David Guzman, Corps of Engineers

History and Significance of the Low-Flow Conveyance Channel: What is its Future? (341kb), Chris Gorbach, Bureau of Reclamation

Domestic Well Depletions in the Rio Grande Basin (223kb), John Shomaker, John Shomaker & Associates

Demographic Trends and Water Demand: New Mexico, El Paso and Ciudad Juarez (302kb), Jim Peach, New Mexico State University

Opportunities and Constraints for Environmental Enhancement and Recreation Along the Rio Grande

Concluding Panel: Issues and Concerns (179kb)

  • Bob Armstrong, Federal Rio Grande Compact Commissioner
  • Steve Vandiver, representing the Colorado Rio Grande Compact Commissioner
  • Tom Turney, New Mexico Rio Grande Compact Commissioner
  • Joe Hanson, Texas Rio Grande Compact Commissioner

New Mexico Water Conference Advisory Committee

Water Conference Participant List

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