NM WRRI’s 42th Annual Water Conference

Water Issues of Eastern New Mexico

October 2-3, 1997, Tucumcari Convention Center
WRRI Report No. 304
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover, Table of Contents, and Conference Program

Director’s StatementTom Bahr

Keynote AddressCommissioner Eluid Martinez

An Engineer Reflects on the Water History of the Eastern PlainsJohn W. Hernandez

Reservoir Storage Development in the Canadian River Basin and Related LitigationPhilip B. Mutz

An Overview of the Geology of Northeastern New MexicoAdrian P. Hunt

The High Plains (Ogallala) Aquifer: Managing the Resource in the Southern High Plains, New MexicoDennis Woodward

Overview of the Hydrology of Northeastern New MexicoCharles R. Wilson

Persistence: Brief Development History of the Tucumcari Irrigation Project (Arch Hurley Conservancy District)Jim Geyler

Update on New Mexico Water Issues and What is Happening in the New Mexico State Engineer OfficeThomas C. Turney

Geohydrologic Characteristics of the Taylor Well Field, City of Las Vegas, New MexicoJay Lazarus and Paul G. Drakos

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Study for the City of Alamogordo, New MexicoEddie Livingston and Steven T. Finch, Jr.

Groundwater Relationships along the New Mexico-Texas Stateline in the Southern High PlainsMustafa Chudnoff

Water Rights Considerations Regarding Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater in New MexicoAndrew L. Lieuwen

A Technology for In Situ Denitrification of GroundwaterH. Eric Nuttall

Cobble Mulch: An Anasazi Water-Conservation Gardening Technique Carleton S. White, David R. Dreesen and Samuel R. Loftin

Some Facts about Cloud Seeding from Recent Research on Rain Enhancement in Texas George W. Bomar

Lake Meredith Salinity Control ProjectLee Wilson and Leon E. Esparza

Watershed Management IssuesDebbie Hughes

Growth, Development and Water: Panel of Policy Makers Mayor Pro Tem Ron Harris, Mayor Nathan L. Tharp, Mayor Donald Davis, Administrator Larry Wallin, Commissioner Glenn Briscoe

Regional Water PlanningJ. Phelps White III, Tracy Seidman Hephner, Mary Helen Follingstad, Lee Tillman

Agricultural Water Conservation PanelWoods Houghton, Scotty Savage, Robert Faubion, Palemon Martinez

Agricultural Water Conservation PanelFrank A. Ward and J. Phillip King

Water Conference Advisory Committee

Participant List


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