NM WRRI’s 3rd Annual Water Conference

New Mexico Water Present Use and New Sources

Nov. 6-7, 1958, University Park, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Conference Photos
Orientation Of Water Resources Research And Welcome Address – Robert H. Black
Congressional Interest In Water Resources – Senator Clinton P. Anderson
Work Of Water Resources Council – Albin Dearing
Introductory Remarks – Rogers Aston
The Wherewithal – Jack M. Campbell
Development And Utilization Of Saline Ground Water Resources – David Miller
Desalinization Of Water – John O’Meara
A Look At New Mexico’s Water Problems – A. G. Fiedler
General Discussion Session
Water’s Challenge To Our Future – Elmer G. Bennett
Economic Development Commission – Jack Wentworth
The Industrial Use Of Water – Randall F. Montgomery
Disposal Of Oil Field Brines Effect On Water Supply – Ivan M. Rice
Consumptive Use Of Ground Water By Phreatohytes And Hydrophytes – Harry F. Blaney
Ground Water Recharge Through Irrigation Wells – H. S. Raymond
Some Techniques Used In The Appraisal Of Ground-Water Resources – W. E. Hale
Public Interest In Water Resource Planning – Albin Dearing
Research Contributions To Water Resources Development – Owen L. Brough
Planning As A Means Of Avoiding Conflicts In Water Use – Irving F. Davis, Jr.
Comments On Development Of Ground-Water Resources, Current Investigations, And Plans For Future Studies In New Mexico – W. E. Hale
Meeting Agriculture’s Water Requirements – Harry F. Blaney
The Farmer’s Interest In Water Resource Planning – W. H. Gary
Resolution – E. G. Minton, Lovington

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