NM WRRI’s 38th Annual Water Conference

Addressing Water Issues through Conflict Resolution

September 30-Oct. 1, 1993, Holiday Inn, Carlsbad
WRRI Report No. 284,
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover, Title page, & Table of Contents
Conference Program
New Mexico Water Conference Advisory Committee
Managing Water Conflicts – Ernest T. Smerdon
Conflict Resolution: One Attorney’s Perspective – Charles DuMars
The Statewide Water Resource Plan Information System (SWRPIS) – John L. Peterson and Glenn M. Olson
The Water Rights Adjudication Process in New Mexico – Martha Franks
Environmental Dispute Resolution in Stream Adjudications: The Arizona Experience – Steven L. Hernandez
The Catron County Experience: Reaching a Memorandum of Understanding – Howard Hutchinson and James E. Paxon, Jr.
The Truckee-Carson/Pyramid Lake Water Rights Settlement – Joe Borgerding
Addressing Conflict through the Dialogue Process or Don’t Kill the Messenger – Lisa Robert, Aaron E. Rael and Richard L. Pacheco
Sharing the Pain: Mediating Instream Flow in Virginia – Richard C. Collins
Approaches to Indian Water Rights Settlement – T. C. Richmond
Joining Forces: The Pecos River Native Riparian Organization – Tom Davis
Conflict Resolution on the Pecos: The Pecos River Compact – Peter T. Draai
Transboundary Perspectives – Albert E. Utton
The Waste-management Education and Research Consortium – Ron Bhada
Hydrologic Studies for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant – Peter B. Davies
Water Conference Participant List

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