NM WRRI’s 37th Annual Water Conference

Multicultural, Multiuse: Planning New Mexico’s Water Resources Future

Nov. 5-6, 1992, Taos Civic Plaza, Taos, NM
WRRI Report No. 273
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover, Table of Contents, Preface, & Program

New Mexico Water Conference Advisory Committee

An Overview of Water Resources Planning – Leo M. Eisel

Trends in Water Management – Jo S. Clark

History of New Mexico Water Planning – Albert E. Utton

Current Ideas for New Mexico Water Planning – Eluid Martinez

Regional Water Planning Dialogue: The Pecos Experience – S. Chris Nunn

The Dangers of Water Planning in Isolation: A Northern New Mexico Perspective – Antonio A. Medina

Regional Water Planning: The Eastern Plains Approach – Leland D. Tillman

The Kansas Water Plan – Joseph F. Harkins

Reaching the Joint Settlement Between El Paso and New Mexico: An Update on El Paso v. Reynolds and the Cooperation Now Emphasized Between El Paso and New Mexico – Steven L. Hernandez

The Role of Acequias in Water Planning – Wilfred Gutierrez

The Many Facets of Instream Flow – Tim DeYoung

Water Banking: Has Its Time Come in New Mexico? – Charles T. DuMars

Agricultural Water Conservation – Allie W. Blair

Opening Comments for the Water Conservation Panel – Alice Darilek

Water Conservation in Denver – Elizabeth Seymore Inman

Tucson’s Water Conservation Plan – Gary Woodard

Phoenix Water Conservation Program – Jane H. Ploeser

Why Water Conservation? Why in El Paso? – John T. Sutton

Workshops: Instream Flow Workshop, Water Banking Workshop, Agricultural Conservation Workshop – Reporters: Peggy Montano, Howard Hutchinson, & Wesley Menefee

Water Conference Participant List

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