NM WRRI’s 34th Annual Water Conference

The Relationship of Water Issues: Southeastern New Mexico as a Case Study

October 26-27, 1989, Roswell Inn, Roswell, NM
WRRI Report No. 248
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover, Table of Contents


Letter from Jeff Bingaman


EID Ground Water Quality Awards

Water Conference Advisory Committee


Update on the Pecos River Adjudication – Peter T. White

Fort Sumner Irrigation District – Jake West

Carlsbad Irrigation District – Tom W. Davis

Water Conservation in the Pecos Valley Artesian Conservancy District – John F. Russell

The Colorful History of Brantley Dam – Hal Brayman

Recreational Issues on the Pecos River in New Mexico – Robert M. Findling

Texas v. New Mexico: It’s time to correct some judicial mistakes – Charles T. DuMars

Overview of the Texas v. New Mexico Settlement – Henery M. Bohnfoff

Future Outlook for Water Use in the Pecos Stream System – Fred Hennighausen

Environmental Issues in New Mexico’s Oil and Gas Industry: Successes and Challenges – David G. Boyer

Solid Waste Management and Protecting New Mexico’s Ground Water – Richart Mitzelfelt

EPA Programs and Perspectives – Bruce Elliott

New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s Program for the EPA’s Pesticide/Ground Water Directive – Lonnie Mathews

Soil Conservation Service Ground Water Quality – Bob McQueen

Concerns of the Agricultural Community – Bob Porter

New Plants for the 21st Century – John Kemp

Using algae to clean up water – Dennis W. Darnall

Wester Regional Overview – Anthony G. Willardson

Transfers of New Mexico Water: A survey of changes in place and/or purpose of use, 1975-1987 – Susan Christopher Nunn

Regional Water Planning – J. Phelps White III

Wildlife and Associated Values of Wetlands – Charles Ault

View from the top – Governor Garrey Carruthers

Planning by local governments: a panel discussion

Water Conference Participant List

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