NM WRRI’s 32nd Annual Water Conference

Ground Water Management

November 5-6, 1987, Holiday Inn Pyramid, Albuquerque, NM
WRRI Report No. 229
Conference Proceedings (as one file)





Table of Contents & Program

Speakers, Moderators, and Conference Advisory Committee

Federal Ground Water Quality Protection Programs – Ken Kirkpatrick

Ground Water Contamination in New Mexico 1927-1986 – Dennis M. McQuillan and Natalie S. Keller

Historical Overview of New Mexico Ground Water Quality Protection Programs – Maxine S. Goad

Ground Water Quality Protection and Monitoring Programs in Albuquerque – Douglas Earp

Water Quality Problems in the Albuquerque South Valley – Bruce Gallaher

Arizona Environmental Water Quality Act of 1986 – Representative Larry Hawke and Dan Shein

State Priorities in Ground Water – Governor Garrey Carruthers

Bureau of Reclamation’s High Plains States Groundwater Recharge Demonstration Program – Bruce P. Glenn

City of El Paso Ground Water Recharge Project – Daniel B. Knorr

Albuquerque’s Water Resources Management Plan – William H. Otto

Design and Management of Infiltration Basins for Artificial Recharge of Ground Water – Herman Bouwer

Implications of Bomb 36CL and Bomb Tritium Studies for Ground Water Recharge and Contaminant Transport Through the Vadose Zone – Fred M. Phillips, Julie L. Mattick, and Thomas A Duval

New Mexico Ground Water Quality Protection Strategy – Richard J. Perkins

Oil conservation Division Program for Ground Water Protection – David G. Boyer

State Water Strategies for the Future – Tom Bahr

Effects of the Clean Water Act on Indian Lands – Jay F. Stein

Survey of New Mexico Law Regarding Interrelationship of Water Quantity Rights and Water Qualtiy Controls – Peter V. Domenici, Jr.

Southwestern Indian Water Resources Management Issues and Strategies for Assuring Clean Water – Jane G. Wells

Urban Purchases of Water from Farms: is the Market the Answer to Western Water Scarcity? – Susan Christopher Nunn

Water Conference Participant List

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