NM WRRI’s 31st Annual Water Conference

Managing the River

October 23-24, 1986
WRRI Report No. 219
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New Mexico Statewide Advisory Committee

1986 Program Development and Review Board



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Who Are The Outsiders? – Nolan Hester

Surface Water Resources Development, Apportionment, Administration and Management Milestones – Philip B. Mutz

Water Management Responsibilities for the Rio Grande Basin – John J. Cunico

Operations on the Upper Rio Grande – Charles A. Calhoun

You Can’t Put Too Much Water in Elephant Butte – David P. Overvold

Albuquerque and the Rio Grande – Gary Daves

The Evolution of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District – Ray Shollenbarger Jr.

Managing Under a Surplus – William J. Saad

Recreation and Water – Pools and Flows – Robert M. Findling

Water Management’s Effects on Fish and Wildlife Management Along the Rio Grande in New Mexico – Charles J. Ault

Rio Grande Management: The View from Upstream – Phillip Wallin

Federal Reserved Water Rights for a Wild and Scemoc River – Herbert S. Garn

Management Impacts on Fishery and Recreation in the Rio Grande – Michael D. Hatch

Trends in Streamflow and Reservoir Contents in the Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico – Scott D. Waltmeyer

Hydrogeology in River Management Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico – William J. Stone and W. K. Summers

Using Systems Analysis for Fishery Management in River Basins – Richard A. Cole, Timothy Ward, and Frank Ward

The Need for Dialogue in Basinwide Management – Steven J. Shupe

Managing the River: A Roundtable Discussion

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