NM WRRI’s 2nd Annual Water Conference

Water for Your Problems and Mine

W2 Nov. 7-8, 1957, University Park, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Cover Foreword Program New Mexico A & M’s Interest In The State Water Problems – Robert H. Black Public Recognition Of The Nation’s Water Problems – Charles C. Butler Resume Of Remarks – Governor Edwin L. Mechem Women’s Viewpoint On Our State Water Problems – Thelma Inmon Public Recognition Ofr New Mexico’s Water Problems The County Government’s Point Of View – E. G. Minton, Jr. Notes On New Mexico’s Water Problems – C. L. Forsling Developing Recognition Of New Mexico’s Water Problems – R. R. Aston New Mexico Water Law And Policy – Robert Emmet Clark Functions And Activities Of The State Engineers Office – C. B. Thompson and F. E. Irby Legal Problems Caused By The Nature Of The Various Water Rights In The Pecos Valley – John F. Russell Water Compacts – Experience And Mechanics – J. D. Weir Beneficial Use, Preferential Rights, Problems In Transfer Of Water Rights, And Other Problems Under New Mexico Statutes – Charles D. Harris Present And Future Methods For Efficient Irrigation – Vaughn E. Hansen Water Application And Requirements For Crops In New Mexico – C. H. Diebold How To Get Most Efficient Use Of Water Sprinkler Irrigation – W. C. Bradshaw Lined Ditches – D. A. Franzen Underground Pipe – C. L. Ezell Land Management To Minimize And Utilize Waste Water – Al W. Woodburn Income Producting Value Of Water Municipal And Industrial In Various Areas Of New Mexico – C. T. Grace Income Value Of Water When Used For Various Industries In New Mexico – Ralph Charles Income Producing Value Of Water When Used By Different Industries Including Agriculture And In The Various Areas Of New Mexico – Frank Bromilow Economic Evaluation Of Water For New Irrigation – H. R. Stucky

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