NM WRRI’s 29th Annual Water Conference

Water Law in the West

Apr. 26-27, 1984, NM WRRI, NMSU
WRRI Report No. 181
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



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Speaker Preview

Gerald W. Thomas

Western Water Law: How Ot Evolved And Where It Is Going With Implications For New Mexico – Robert Emmet Clark

Perspectives on New Mexico Water Law – Peter Thomas White

Legal, Hydrological and Environmental Issues Surrounding the El Paso Water Suit – Thomas G. Bahr

Current New Mexico Water Litigation: Hard Choices for New Mexico in the Future – Charles T. DuMars

The Rio Grande Compact – Jesse B. Gilmer

The Winters Doctrine and Indian Water Issues – Lawrence J. Jensen

A Native American View of Western Water Development – Sam Deloria

Water Law and Economic Development – V. Phillip Soice

New Directions in Western Water Development – Jed D. Christensen

Water Quality Laws in New Mexico – Bruce S. Garber

Removal Of Heavy Metal Ions From Contaminated Water By Chlorella Vulgaris – Ben Greene

Irrigation Scheduling Models as an Economical Farm Management Tool – Craig L. Mapeln

Removal Of Uranium From Drinking Water – Catherine Rankinh

Toxicity Of New Mexico Brackish Groundwaters To Fingerling Channel Catfish – Ross Douglas Turnbull

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