NM WRRI’s 27th Annual Water Conference

Hope for the High Plains

April 1-2, 1982, NM WRRI, NMSU
WRRI Report No. 145
Conference Proceedings (as one file)







Table of Contents

New Mexico Statewide Advisory Committee and Speakers

Session I Meet the Speakers

Conference Welcome – Gerald W. Thomas

Six-State High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer Regional Study An Overview – Harvey O. Banks

Water Resources of the High Plains – Edwin D. Gutentag

The Water Supply And Irrigation Development Of The Southern High Plains, New Mexico – Sherman E. Galloway

High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer Study, New Mexico — Economic Impacts – Robert R. Lansford

Session II Meet the Speakers

Water Saving Techniques – William M. Lylees

Irrigation Scheduling – James R. Gilley

Pump Testing – George H. Abernathy

High Plains Study Recommendations — Options For Action – Noel R. Gollehon and B. J. Creel

Session III Meet the Speakers

Bureau of Reclamation Water Projects – Darrell W. Webber

Conservation Through Crops Research – Merle H. Niehaus

High Plains – Ogallala Aquifer Study Water Transfer Element – William R. Pearson

Panel Discussion

Water Conference Participant List

WRRI Staff Participants

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