NM WRRI’s 26th Annual Water Conference

Water for a Growing and Changing Sunbelt State

Mar. 26-27, 1981, NM WRRI, NMSU
WRRI Report No. 134
Conference Proceedings (as one file)





New Mexico Statewide Advisory Committee & Speakers


Table of Contents

Welcome to the University

Session One: The Broad View to the Future

Water For the Sunbelt: A Global Perspective – Gerald Thomas

The United States Sunbelt – Realities of the Future – Lee B. Zink

Session Two: Contrasting Views to the Future

Water for Agriculture in a Competitive Environment – George R. Dawson

A Municipal Perspective – Kenneth M. Needham and Donald Craig Andrews

Water for Industry in New Mexico’s Future – William J. Stone

The Future of Recreation in New Mexico – Frank Ward

Luncheon Speaker – Ray Sadler

Agricultural Workshop Report – Fran Kaszeta

Municipal Workshop Report – Stephen H. Hubert

Industrial Workshop Report – Gail Stockton

Recreation Workshop Report – Thomas M. Moody

Session Three: Putting it all together: Workshop Reports

Panel Discussion

Water Conference Participant List

WRRI Staff Participants


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