NM WRRI’s 22nd Annual Water Conference

Water in the Future: 208 and You

Apr. 28-29, 1977, NMSU
WRRI Report No. 089
Conference Proceedings (as one file)


New Mexico Statewide Advisory Committee


Table of Contents

Welcome to the University – Gerald W. Thomas

Environmental Protection Agency Perspective – James L. Agee

Section 208 Planning: New Mexico’s Program and Perspective – Catherine A. Callahan

Natural Resource Conservation Commission Perspective and Activities – Robert D. Bishop

Water in the Future: 208 Planning and You – J. Paul Comola

Agricultural Perspective on Session 208 Planning – Gerald W. Hagaman

Section 208 Planning: Perspective From A Resource Management Agency – Robert G. Adams, Jr.

Remarks of William F. Darmitzel – William F. Darmitzel

Public Sector Perspectives – Mally Ribe

Water in the Future: 208 and You – Thomas R. Tippeconnic

New Mexico’s Section 208 Program: Public Participation – Lucy Fox

Research needs for Section 208 Planning – Peter J. Wierenga

Demonstration of Irrigation Return Flow Salinity Control in the Upper Rio Grande – Robert R. Lansford and others

Albuquerque Greater Urban Area Water Resources Study – Major Stuart MacKenzie

Toxic Substances Control and Section 208 of the Water Pollution Control Act – Jay B. Sorenson

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