NM WRRI’s 18th Annual Water Conference



Water Conference Advisory Committee


Table of Contents


Introductory Comments – Gerald Thomas

A Look Into The Future – Warren D. Fairchild (Paper Presented by Daniel V. McCarthy)

State Water Law – S. E. Reynolds

Population Projections For The New Mexico State Water Plan – Lee B. Zink

A Study Of Water Used On Urban Landscapes – Fabian Chaves III and Donald J. Cotter

Uptake Of Mercury By Fish In Natural And Artificial Systems – Don H. Baker, III, Carl J. Popp, and Donald K. Brandvold

Another Rio Grande For New Mexico – L. P. Reinig, R. I. Brasier, B. J. Donham, and W. S. Gregory

Clean Energy Via Coal Gasification – A. J. Paquette and N. R. Beychock

Report By The National Water Commission – Harry P. Burleigh (Paper presented by Lewis B. Seward)

State Water Plan

Apr. 5-6, 1973, NMSU
WRRI Report No. 026
Conference Proceedings (as one file)


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