NM WRRI’s 17th Annual Water Conference

Water in Land Use Planning

Apr. 6-7, 1972, NMSU
WRRI Report No. 007
Conference Proceedings (as one file)




Water Conference Advisory Committee


Table of Contents

Water in Land Use Planning – Norman A. Evans

Project Skywater – A Progress Report – Archie M. Kahan

A New Technology For Pullution Abatement – John Eichelmann, Jr.

The Citizen in Water and Land Use Planning – Mrs. Donald E. Clusen

Panel – Water in Land Development – David W. King

Panel – Water in Land Development – John R. Wright

Panel – Water in Land Development – Harvey Mudd

Panel – Water in Land Development – Carter Kirk

Preliminary Ground-Water Model of the Mesilla Valley – Gary L. Richardson and Thomas G. Gebhard, Jr.

An Interpretation Of Water Use Data For The Rio Grande In New Mexico – Fred Roach and S. Ben-David

Environmental Tritium As Hydrologic Tool – Roswell Artesian Basin – D. Dan Rabinowitz and G. W. Gross

A “Big Picture” For Resource Management A View From Space – R. Bryan Erb

Potential Applications Of Aerospace Earth Observations Technology To The Problems Of The Rio Grande – R. B. Munson

Panel – Citizens Water Conferences – Robert R. Lansford

Panel – Citizens Water Conferences – J. T. McMillen

Panel – Citizens Water Conferences – John R. Hakanson

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