NM WRRI’s 15th Annual Water Conference

Water: There is No Substitute

Mar. 12-13, 1970, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)




Water Conference Advisory Committee




Table of Contents

Future Water Supplies Through Desalting – J. W. “Pat” O’Meara

Value Of Water Research To State And Nation – H. Garland Hershey

Water Resources Development By Corps Of Engineers – Colonel Menon W. Whitsett

Water Pollution Control Program In The Southwest – Ancil A. Jones

Need For Effluent Standards – John B. Wright

The Social Benefits Of Natural Resources Development – Carl Bronn

Albuquerque’s Planning For The Use Of San Juan Water – J. Warner Little

Quality vs. Quantity Relationships from Tualatin Basin Water and Sewerage Master Plan – Stevens, Thompson & Runyan, Inc

The San Juan-Chama Project: Foundation For Administration – F. Harlan Flint

Effects Of Water Management On The Ecology Of The Area – William A. Dick-Peddie

Water Planning For Equilibrium – Max Linn

Irrigation Water Requirements For Crop Production In The Roswell Artesian Basin – Robert R. Lansford

Adjustments In Cropping Patterns As A Means Of Saving Water – Gene Ott

Objectives Of A Current Study Of Saline Ground Water In The Tularosa Basin, New Mexico – J. S. McLean

New Mexico State Water Plan – Carl Slingerland

Irrigability Classification Of New Mexico – J. U. Anderson

Social And Economic Considerations In State Water Use Planning – George R. Dawson

Preserving New Mexico’s Water Resources – Ed Forman

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