NM WRRI’s 14th Annual Water Conference

Water Research and Development

March 27-28, 1969, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Water Research And Development In New Mexico – R. B. Corbett
The Western States Water Council – Jay R. Bingham
The Texas Water Plan–Imports To West Texas And New Mexico – Lewis B. Seward
New Mexico And Southwest Water – Joseph M. Montoya
Meters And Their Effects In The Roswell Artesian Basin In Chaves And Eddy Counties, New Mexico – Fred H. Hennighausen
Colorado River Basin Project Act As It Affects New Mexico – S. E. Reynolds
Water Conservation And Development In The Farmington Area And In The State – Governor Tom Bolack
Navajo Indian Irrigation Project – Bert Levine
San Juan-Chama Project – D. E. Cannon
Water Bills Introduced In House And Senate Twenty-Ninth New Mexico Legislature First Session 1969 – Wm. B. O’Donnell and Lt. Col. James Kirkpatrick
Potentials For Water Development With Atomic Power – L. P. Reinig
Water Potentials Of Weather Modification – Jesse V. Lunsford
The Future Of Subsurface Irrigation: A Method Of Saving Water – Eldon G. Hanson
Future Of Sub-Surface Irrigation: Influence On Cotton Yields And Quality – B. C. Williams

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