NM WRRI’s 13th Annual Water Conference

Water for New Mexico to the Year 2000 and 2060

March 28-29, 1968, NMSU


Conference Proceedings (as one file)






Welcome – R. B. Corbett

Statement made to the Conference – Governor David F. Cargo

Water In New Mexico’s Future – Lloyd A. Calhoun

Water Importation To West Texas And New mexico – John J. Kendrick

Four Corners Economic Development, Water And Peoople – Orren Beaty, Jr.

Water Supplies For The Southwest – Water Of The Future – Floyd E. Dominy

Panel One & photo

Projections Of The Population Of New Mexico To The Year 2070/a> – Ralph Edgel

Comprehensive State Planning As A Framework For Water Resource Development – Arthur Ortiz

Reclamation Activities In New Mexico – Leon W. Hill

Water Development And Planning For New Mexico – S. E. Reynolds

Women’s Interest In Water Problems – Fern Lyon

Water Resources Planning In The State Of Chihuahua – Ing. Carlos Carvajal Zarazua

Overpopulation And You – Dennis E. Shoemaker

Panel Two & photo

Preface To Panel – George R. Dawson

New Mexico Municipal, Domestic And Industrial Water Supply Demands 1968-2068 – John W. Hernandez

Recreational Water Needs In New Mexico For The Next Hundred Years – James R. Gray

Irrigation Water Needs In New Mexico For The Next Hundred Years – Marlin L. Hanson

Water Uses For The Next Hundred Years A Summary Statement – George R. Dawson

Meeting Future Water Needs – Roland R. Renne

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