NM WRRI’s 11th Annual Water Conference

Water Economics with Limited Supplies and a Increasing Population

Mar. 31-Apr. 1, 1966


Conference Proceedings (as one file)






National Water Legislation In The 89th Congress – Honorable Thomas G. Morris

Water And Land Resources–Potentials And Requirements – Harry A. Steele

Crisis Decision-Making In American Water Development – Charles W. Howe

North American Water And Power Alliance – Roland P. Kelley

Conference Photos

Economic Evaluation Of Watershed Management Alternatives The Beaver Creek Watersheds – David P. Worley

Economics Of Water In Recreational Development – James R. Gray

The Role Of Economics In River Basin Surveys – Clyde E. Stewart

The Chamizal Settlement – The Honorable J. F. Friedkin

The Most Efficient Use Of Water After It Has Been Delivered To The Farm – E. O. Moore

Efficient Use Of Irrigation Water – W. H. Gary

Water And Agricultural Financing – Drew Cloud

Water As A Factor In Credit From The Federal Land Bank Viewpoint – Dexter G. Henderson

Electrical Analog Model Of The Roswell Basin – It Use In Hydrologic Analysis – George E. Maddox

Soil Type And Soil Condition Effects Upon Value Of Water Applied For Crop Production – B. C. Williams

Crop Plants – Water Use And Salt Tolerance – Arden A. Baltensperger

Water Qualities And Needs In Relation To Crop Yields – H. E. Dregne

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