NM WRRI’s 10th Annual Water Conference

People and Water in River Development

Apr. 1-2, 1965


Conference Proceedings (as one file)







New Mexico Water Law As It Relates To The Pecos River Watershed – C. D. harris

Water Resources Research In The United States – Roland R. Renne

Water In The Economic Development Of New Mexico – Governor Jack M. Campbell

Geographic And Climatic Characteristics Of The Pecos River Basin In New Mexico – Frank E. Houghton

Availability And Quality Of Ground Water In The Pecos River Basin – George E. Maddox

Surface Water Availability And Quality Characteristics In The Pecos River Basin In New Mexico – Wilbur E. Heckler

Use Of Water In The Pecos River Basin, New Mexico – Earl F. Sorensen

Flood Control And Reclamation Projects Pecos River Basin, New Mexico – Carl L. Slingerlande

The Possibility Of Increased Water Yield Through Management – Lowell G. Woods

Irrigation Water Quality And Quantity – H. E. Dregne

Water And Recreation – Fred A. Thompson

Municipal Water Quantity And Quality Requirements And Effects Of Use – Robert P. Lowe

Oil Industry’s Contribution To New Mexico’s Water Resources – Randall F. Montgomery

Water Resources Research Act Of 1964 – Its Functions And Importance To New Mexico – H. R. Stucky

Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, P.L. 88-29; And Land And Water Conservation Fund Act Of 1965, P.L. 88-578 – W. W. Dreskell

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