NM WRRI’s 57th Annual Water Conference Proceedings

Hard Choices, Adapting Policy and Management to Water Scarcity

August 28 – 29, 2012, Corbett Center, New Mexico State University
WRRI Report No. 361
2012 Conference Proceedings (as one file)




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Director’s Statement

Conference Program

Conference Report

Senator Udall’s Opening Remarks

Session One
Setting the Stage: Where is the Water and How Much Do We Have?
Moderated by Phil King
, New Mexico State University

  • New Mexico’s Water Budget, Sam Fernald, NM Water Resources Research Institute
  • Climate Change, Dagmar Llewellyn, Bureau of Reclamation
  • Deteriorating Water Infrastructure and Impact on Supply, Del Archuleta, Molzen-Corbin Associates
  • The Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Project, Mike Darr, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Status Quo of Water Rights in Times of Shortage: Legal and Environmental Constraints, Steve Vandiver, Rio Grande Water Conservation District, Alamosa, CO

Session Two
Water users Perspectives: Agriculture, Municipal, Energy, and Environmental Sectors
Moderated by Jeff Witte, New Mexico Department of Agriculture

  • Scarcity Impact on Acequias, Paula Garcia, New Mexico Acequia Association
  • Municipal Water Reuse, Larry Webb, City of Rio Rancho, Public Works Department
  • Algae Water Use, Richard Sayre, Las Alamos National Laboratory
  • Protecting Our Natural Environment, Denise Fort, Utton Transboundary Resources Center

Straight Talk
Voices of Experience from the New Mexico Office of the Engineer

Session Three
Building a Plan: Best Practices
Moderated by Michael L. Conner, Bureau of Reclamation

  • Environmental Water Transactions, David Yardas, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Water Leasing Market Experiments, David Brookshire, University of New Mexico
  • Rio Grand Basin Opportunities, Lee Peters, Peters Law Firm, LLC
  • Bridging the Gap – Transformational Solutions for a More Sustainable Water Future, Howard Passell and Jesse Roach, Sandia National Laboratories
    Dagmar Llewellyn, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • NSF Water Infrastructure Engineering Research Center, Nirmala Khandan, New Mexico State University

Session Four
Can We Grow the Pie? Conservation and Supply Opportunities
Moderated by Bruce Thomson, University of New Mexico

  • Working Toward Net Zero, Benny J. “BJ” Tomlinson, Fort Bliss Public Works
  • Desalination Update, Michael Gabaldon, Bureau of Reclamation
  • Water Restoration, Jack Chatfield Canadian River Riparian Restoration Project
  • Multiple Benefits of Pecos River Restoration, Paul Tashjian, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services
  • Salinity Control. Fred Phillips, New Mexico Tech

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