NM WRRI’s 19th Annual Water Conference

A set of papers supporting the theme of the proposed Conference, Water in Food and Fiber Production

No conference was held in 1974


WRRI Report No. 039
Conference Proceedings (as one file)




Water Conference Advisory Committee


Table of Contents

Myths: Cornerstones for Counterpositions – Harold M. Stults

Values and Choices in the Development of an Arid Land Basin – The Role of Agriculture – Gerald W. Thomas

After the Green Revolution – Wallace Cloud

Exploiting Grass-Roots Food Technology in Developing Countries – Samuel M. Weisberg

Profound Changes Coming in Pollution Enforcement – Dale S. Bryson

Cleaning of Food – Alternatives to present water use patterns – John M. Krochta and Richard J. Bellows

Air as a Substitute for Water in Food Processing – D. R. Heldman

Water Pollution Abatement Through Raw Material Selection – Hugh J. S. Shane

Water Uses and Wastes in the Textile Industry – John J. Porter, Donald W. Lyons, and William F. Nolan

Reducing Energy Requirements for Supplying Irrigation Water – Darrell G. Watts

Constraints in Water Management on Agricultural Lands – George E. Radosevich, Evan C. Vlachos, and Gaylord V. Skogerboe

On The Necessary And Sufficient Conditions For A Long-Term Irrigated Agriculture – Charles V. Moore

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