NM WRRI’s 25th Annual Water Conference

A Quarter Century of Water Research

Apr. 24-25, 1980, NM WRRI, NMSU
WRRI Report No. 124
Conference Proceedings (as one file)



Conference Photos
New Mexico Statewide Advisory Committee & Speakers
Table of Contents
Welcome to the University
Session I: Meet the Speakers
Water Resources Research – The Early Years – H. Ralph Stucky
A Historical Perspective of Water Management in New Mexico – Steve E. Reynolds
The Importance of Crop Production Functions in Evaluating Consumptive Use of Water – Eldon G. Hanson and Theodore W. Sammis
Water Resource of the Rio Grande – Robert R. Lansford
Session II: Meet the Speakers
Saline Water Utilization – An International Perspective – George O’Connor
Results of Computer Modeling of Groundwater Flow – The Calcium Carbonate Aquifer of the Central Roswell Basin – Kenneth R. Rehfeldt
Water Conservation Through Plant Breeding – Alfalfa – Marvin Wilson and Bill Melton
U.S. Geological Survey: Update on Current Activities – James F. Daniel
Water and Power Resources Service: Update on Current and Proposed Activities – Warren Weber
The Six-state High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer Area Study – Joe B. Harris
160-Acre Limitation: Current Status – Frank DuBois
Banquet: Sweeping Sand in the Desert – Pat O’Meara
Session III: Meet the Speakers
The Impact of Energy Development on Water Resources – Larry Kehoe
Mine Dewatering – Michael B. Campbell
Federal Water Legislation – Harold Brayman
The Impact of Desalting on Water Supply – Alamogordo, New Mexico – Don Des Jardin
The Future of Water Quality – Peter Krenkel
Future Roles for the Corps of Engineers – Colonel Bernard Roth
The Future of Agricultural Water Use in New Mexico – George Dawson

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