Trans-International Boundary Aquifers in Southwest New Mexico

Cover (111kb)
Title Page (51kb)
Table of Contents (24kb)
List of Illustrations and Tables (25kb)
Executive Summary (92kb)
Chapter 1 – Introduction (263kb)
Chapter 2 – Methods (252kb)
Chapter 3 – Overview (1,223kb)
Chapter 4 – Mimbres Basin (2,490kb)
Chapter 5 – Hachita-Moscos Basin (1,690kb)
Chapter 6 – Playas and San Basilio Basin Systems (1,953kb)
Chapter 7 – Animas Basin System (2,065kb)
Chapter 8 – Gila River Basin System (555kb)
Chapter 9 – San Bernardino Basin (710kb)
References (144kb)
Plate 1 (475kb)

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