Student Water Research Grant Program

When funds are made available, usually through the New Mexico State Legislature, the NM WRRI supports the Student Water Research Grant Program. These awards support the training of New Mexico’s future water experts through grants to university students throughout the state for their water-related research projects.

Student Water Research Grants are intended to help students initiate research projects or to supplement existing student research projects in water resources research. Budgets typically include expenditures for student salaries, supplies, sample analysis costs, field equipment, travel to field sites, and travel to present results at professional meetings. Student grant recipients work under the guidance of a faculty advisor. During FY 14, awards of up to $6,000 were made for typically one-year projects.

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any degree program at one of the eight New Mexico Public Education Institutions (New Mexico State University, University of New Mexico, New Mexico Tech, Eastern New Mexico University, Western New Mexico University, New Mexico Highlands University, Northern New Mexico College, and Diné College) are eligible to apply. The NM WRRI announces a Call for Proposals when grants will be available.

 2019-2020 Student Water Research Grant Guidelines


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