Student Water Research Awards 2019-2020

 eNews ArticleFinal ReportFull TitleAuthors
Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment of the Rio Mora at the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge, Mora County, NMJohnson Adio, Natural Resources Management, NMHU, MS; (Dr. Jennifer Lindline)
Domestic Wastewater Treatment Using Algal Systems in Winter ClimateIsuru Sachitra Abeysiriwardana Arachchige, Civil Engineering, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Nirmalakhandan)
Electrochemical-Assisted Ultrafiltration Membranes for Simultaneous Removal of As, Cd and CrAlireza Bandegi, Chemical & Materials Engineering, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Reza Foudazi)
Wastewater Treatment Using Food Waste Char Obtained from Hydrothermal Liquefaction as a Low-Cost Adsorbent MaterialHengameh Bayat, Chemical & Materials Engineering, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Umakanta Jena)
Stable Isotope Analysis to Determine the Usefulness of Surface Water as a Proxy for Precipitation in a Semi-Arid, Mountainous EnvironmentVictoria Blumenberg, Animal & Range Sciences, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Amy Ganguli)
Surface Area of a Local Clay Material to Elucidate Uranium Abatement for Potable New Mexico Water ManagementMoticha M. Franklin, Chemistry & Biochemistry, NMSU, BS; (Dr. Antonio S. Lara)
A Survey: New Mexicans’ Willingness to Pay for Produced Water Treatment for Beneficial Re-UseAlyssa Latuchie, Economics, UNM, PhD; (Dr. Janie Chermak)
Tracking CRE in the Rio Grande: Determining Correlation Between the Appearance of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Surface Waters and Local Infection RatesKimberly McNair, Biology, NM Tech, MS; (Dr. Linda DeVeaux)
Developing a 2/3D Model for Improving Fertigation Scheduling Under Salinity Stress for PecanEsmaiil Mokari, Plant & Environmental Sciences, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Manoj Shukla)
Assessment of Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs) Formation in Algae-Treated Wastewater for Safer Reuse in Unrestricted ApplicationsSrimali Preethika Munasinghe-Arachchige, Civil Engineering, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Nirmalakhandan)
Enhanced Water Recovery and Membrane Scaling Mitigation for Desalination Using Innovative Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and 3D Printed Open Flow Channel MembranesJuliano Penteado de Almeida, Civil Engineering, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Pei Xu)
Herbicide Phytotoxicity Under Drought Conditions in Warm and Cool Season TurfgrassJackson Powers, Plant & Environmental Sciences, NMSU, MS; (Dr. Ryan Goss)
Modeling Rainfall-Runoff Relationships in Conjunction with Sediment Transport Measurements in Ephemeral ChannelsMadeline Richards, Earth & Environmental Sciences, NM Tech, MS; (Dr. Daniel Cadol)
Monitoring Toxic Metal Uptake by Corn Grown in Agricultural Fields Across Animas and San Juan RiversMichael Whiting (Gaurav Jha, student mentor), Geology, NMSU, MS; (Dr. April Ulery)
Wasterwater-Treatment Algae-Derived Hydrochar for Heavy Metal Adsorption and RecyclingJiuling Yu, Chemical & Materials Engineering, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Hongmei Luo)
Design of Optimized Produced Water Treatment Units for the Agricultural IrrigationMuchu Zhou, Chemical & Materials Engineering, NMSU, PhD; (Dr. Reza Foudazi)