Student Water Research Awards 2014-2015

Project Abstract Project Report Full TitleAuthors
Project AbstractFinal ReportReal Time Monitoring of Flood Control Dams for Emergency Action ManagementAbdullah Alazmi, Dennis Felipe Jr, Reynold Durden, Malcolm Braughton, Paul Candelaria, Seth Davis, NMSU, Bachelor’s and master’s students (Dr. J. Phillip King)
Project AbstractFinal ReportCost‐efficient detection of endocrine‐disrupting compounds in drinking waterMaxwell Baymiller, NM Tech, undergraduate student (Dr. Snezna Rogelj)
Project AbstractFinal ReportEvaluation of Impacts of Silvicultural Operations such as Thinning Treatments on Water Quality and Quantity in New Mexico ForestsOnur Beyazoglu and Yasser Almalki,
NMSU, master’s students (Dr. Owen Burney)
Project AbstractFinal ReportTemporal analysis of non‐snow fed streams in New MexicoFawn Brooks, UNM, PhD student (Dr. David Gutzler)
Project AbstractFinal ReportTest of the new LAS MkII Scintillometer for validation of statewide New Mexico evapotranspiration mapsReid Brown, NM Tech, master’s student
(Dr. Jan Hendrickx)
Project AbstractFinal ReportThe Detection of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (ARB) in the Gallinas RiverLaurel Carr, master’s student (Dr. Ben Nelson)
Project AbstractFinal ReportFire ash influences on aquatic primary producers through changes in water qualityAlexander Clark, UNM, undergraduate student
(Dr. Rebecca Bixby)
Project AbstractFinal ReportEvaluating the Impacts of Particulate Matter Deposition on Snow Melt Processes in the Upper Rio Grande, NMAngela Gregory, UNM, PhD student (Dr. Mark Stone)
Project AbstractFinal ReportDevelopment of a Bio‐indicator to Assess Water Quality in Ephemeral PondsRebekah Horn, NMSU, PhD student,
(Dr. David Cowley)
Project AbstractFinal ReportEnhanced Photocatalysis for Water Purification and Disinfection using Optical Fibers Coated with Nanocomposite Thin FilmsLu Lin, NMSU, MS/PhD student (Dr. Pei Xu)
Project AbstractFinal ReportLinking Forests to Faucets: Investigating Alternative Approaches for Securing Long‐Term Funding for Watershed Restoration in New MexicoEdward McCorkindale, UNM, master’s student
(Dr. Robert Berrens)
Project AbstractFinal ReportEffects of Turbidity on Group Cohesion in Sand Shiners and Red Shiners from the Pecos River in New MexicoSabrina Michael, ENMU, master’s student
(Dr. Marv Lutnesky)
Project AbstractFinal ReportSubmerged Aquatic Macrophytes – Ecosystem Engineers in New Mexico Mountain Streams – Effects of Forest FireVirginia Thompson, UNM, PhD student
(Dr. Clifford Dahm)
Project AbstractFinal ReportWater Politics and Cultural Difference: Fostering Community Relationships to Promote Environmental Health and Community Wellbeing in Times of DroughtElise Trott, UNM, PhD student (Dr. Erin Debenport)
Project AbstractFinal ReportAssessment of Water Quality in the Irrigation Drainage Canals as a Source of Reusable Irrigation WaterKai Williams, NMSU, master’s student
(Dr. Salim Bawazir)
Project AbstractFinal ReportApplication of HydroGeoSphere to model climate change effects on three‐dimensional hydrological processes in the Valles Caldera, New MexicoMichael Wine, NM Tech, PhD student
(Dr. Daniel Cadol)