Student Water Research Awards 2008-2009

Project AbstractFinal ReportFull TitleAuthors
Project AbstractFinal ReportInvestigation of Improved Operational Streamflow Forecasting in the Rio Grande BasinShalamu Abudu, Civil Engineering (advisor: J. Phillip King) , New Mexico State University
Project AbstractFinal ReportThe Dependency of Anomalous Transport Behavior on Flow Path OrientationNicholas B Engdahl, Earth and Planetary Sciences (advisor: Gary S. Weissmann), University of New Mexico,
Project AbstractFinal ReportEvaluation of Multi-stage solar-powered desalination systemAkash Mummaneni, Civil Engineering (advisor: N. Nirmala Khandan), New Mexico State University,
Project AbstractFinal Report Aqueous Geochemistry of the Springs and Wells of the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge: Evaluating Hydrochemical Pathways and MicrobiologyAmy J. Williams, Earth & Planetary Sciences (advisor: Laura Crossey), University of New Mexico
Project Abstract Final ReportResidence Time Distribution in Dynamically Changing Hydrologic SystemsJesus D. Gomez, Earth and Environmental Sciences, (advisor: John L. Wilson), New Mexico Tech
Project AbstracFinal Report Composite Membrane for Membrane Distillation Desalination ProcessSai Reddy Pinappu, Chemical Engineering (advisor: Shuguang Deng), New Mexico State University
Project Abstract-Updating the Groundwater Flow Model for the Southern Jornada Del Muerto Basin - Implementing Reviewers CommentsB. V. N. P. Kambhammettu, Civil Engineering (advisor: J. Phillip King), New Mexico State University
Project AbstractFinal ReportAssessment of a novel source-tracking protocol for evaluating the significance of municipal wastewater sources on the microbial contaminant levels of discharged wastewatersJesus Sigala, Plant and Environmental Science (advisor: Adrian Unc), New Mexico State University
Project Abstract-Effects of Copper Sulfate Treatment on Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Peterson Reservoir SedimentsDaryl Williams, Natural Sciences (advisor: Edward A. Martinez), New Mexico Highlands University
Project Abstract Final ReportUranium Abatement in WaterNicholas G. Beltran, Biology (advisor: Antonio S. Lara), New Mexico State University
Project Abstract-Removal of Arsenic from Aqueous solution using activated carbon prepared from Pecan shellsRanganath Potluri, Chemical Engineering (advisor: David Roskstraw), New Mexico State University
Project Abstract Final ReportFrom Stormwater Management to Stormwater Integration: The Use of Low Impact Development Techniques in the Albuquerque RegionKT LaBadie, Water Resources Program and Community and Regional Planning Program (advisor: Bill Fleming), University of New Mexico,