An Integrated Geochemical Approach for Defining Sources of Groundwater Salinity in the Southern Rio Grande Valley of the Mesilla Basin, New Mexico and West Texas, USA

Published Date:

January 2021


Christopher Kubicki, Kenneth C. Carroll, James C. Witcher, Andrew Robertson


A significantly elevated groundwater salinity zone was identified in the southern part of the Mesilla Valley. This investigation characterized the occurrence, spatial extent, and source of the plume of elevated groundwater salinity using a wide range of geochemical and geophysical data and methods.


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Age Dating, Aqueous Geochemistry, Argon Isotope, Evaporite Minerals, Groundwater, Krypton Isotope, Mesilla Basin, Recharge, Rio Grande, Rio Grande Rift, Salinity, Sulfur Isotopes, Temperature Logs, Water Isotopes