The U.S. Geological Survey has published the following New Mexico related publications since the last issue of the Divining Rod. The Water Resources Research Institute library has the reports on file. They also may be ordered from the USGS, Federal Center, Box 25286, MS 517, Denver, CO 80225. You may call  (303) 202-4700 for price information.

  • Quantification of deep percolation from two flood-irrigated alfalfa fields, Roswell Basin, New Mexico by D. Michael Roark and Denis F. Healy (WRIR 98-4096)
  • Surface-water and suspended-sediment inflow and outflow for Nutria Reservoir No. 3, Zuni Indian Reservation, New Mexico, March 1994 to September 1995 by Allen C. Gellis (WRIR 98-4083)
  • Description of piezometers installed in the Duranes well field area, Albuquerque, New Mexico by Conde R. Thorn (OFR 98-415)
  • Application of nonlinear-regression methods to a ground-water flow model of the Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico by Claire R. Tiedeman, John Michael Kernodle, and Douglas P. McAda (WRIR 98-4172)
  • Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 1995 by Wayne B. Solley, Robert R. Pierce, and Howard A. Perlman (USGS Circular 1200) – Newly released statistics on water use from the USGS show that the nation is using less water 402 billion gallons per day (bgd) for all uses, which is 2 percent less than in 1990 and nearly 10 percent less than in 1980, despite a continuous increase in population over that same time period. California accounts for 134 bgd, the largest state total water use in the nation. New Mexico accounts for 0.06 bgd. This report provides water-use comparisons by water-resources region and by state.

    Miscellaneous Reports

  • “Watershed Stewardship: A Learning Guide” is a valuable resource for watershed group members, land-owners, land managers, workers, and volunteers. This 22-chapter guide is an easy-to-use resource that will help readers learn how to: form effective partnerships; know the parts of their watersheds and how they fit together; understand assessments of watershed conditions; develop strategies for enhancing watershed resources; and implement effective enhancement projects.The guide was written by a team of Oregon State University Extension Service educators with input from watershed councils, federal and state agencies, industry, private groups, and academia. To order, request publication EM 8714 and send a check ($32 per copy) payable to Oregon State University to:
      • Publication Orders-WS1
      • Extension & Station Communications
      • Oregon State University
      • 422 Kerr Administration
      • Corvallis, OR 97331-2119
  • “The Complete How To Guide to Xeriscaping” contains photos of dozens of beautiful and water-thrifty plants that will thrive in New Mexico. This 46-page guide was produced for the City of Albuquerque. Although the guide is particularly useful to central New Mexico, the techniques described and many of the plants can be used throughout the state.Free copies of the guide can be requested from:
      • Water Use and Conservation Bureau
      • Office of the State Engineer
      • PO Box 25102
      • Santa Fe, NM 87504
      • 1-800-WATERNM