The 1999 edition of the New Mexico Water Directory is at the press and should be ready for distribution in early June. WRRI staff member Cynthia Rex has spent many hours compiling information on the various water resources agencies and researchers in New Mexico. The directory will assist individuals in locating the best source of information to answer their water-related questions.

The 75-page directory is organized into five chapters: 1) Federal Agencies; 2) State Agencies; 3) Acequia Associations and Irrigation and Conservancy Districts; 4) Water and Professional Organizations; and 5) Universities.

Chapters contain each agency’s mission and Internet address. Key personnel are provided with their address, phone number and email address. Staff are further identified by key words describing their areas of expertise. An index by area of expertise is provided along with an alphabetical listing of all individuals contained within the directory.

The directory database will be searchable on WRRI’s homepage at Copies of the directory will be available for $10.50 and can be obtained by calling the WRRI at   505-646-4337  or by placing an on-line order.