NM WRRI produces a variety of reports to communicate water issues and research results to the academic community, water professionals, decision makers, and the public. Most reports are available online. Hard copies of reports are available free of charge while supplies last. Out of print reports are available for a minimal copy charge. You can place an order for hard copies of reports or CDs by emailing request to In addition, all WRRI publications are housed in New Mexico state libraries.

WRRI funded projects culminate in a technical report that is published by the institute as part of its Technical Research Reports Series. The technical completion report is a comprehensive description of the project’s objectives, methods, and results. All reports in this series receive a scientific journal style peer review prior to publication.

The proceedings of the Annual New Mexico Water Conference are published within a few months of each year’s conference. Copies of the conference proceedings are available on CD as well as online and in hard copy for a small copy charge.























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