eNews February 2018

NMSU Civil Engineering Student Inspects and Maintains Climate Stations (continued)

Commenting on his completed project, Gibson recently said, “It was insightful to make the connection between climate conditions such as rain, wind, and temperature experienced through the senses and this same phenomena recorded by sensors that we maintained on the weather stations. It was interesting to find patterns and determine the water requirements of plants, which ultimately support human communities. I enjoyed regularly visiting various landscapes of New Mexico and seeing the changing state of vegetation throughout the season while also interpreting the climate conditions that are the cause of this effect.”

Gibson grew up on a small horse ranch in Central Oregon and made his way to New Mexico in 2013. He will be completing a BS in civil engineering in August 2018 with a concentration in water resources. Gibson has decided to continue his studies at NMSU and will pursue a master’s degree in civil engineering. The financial support by NM WRRI and the mentorship, guidance, and education provided by Dr. Bawazir have played an important role in Gibson’s academic experience. He said, “The project and Dr. Bawazir have complemented my classroom education with hands-on experience, team building, and responsibility management. The experience, I feel, is effectively preparing me and transforming me for a purposeful career.”

Gibson’s final report is available on the NM WRRI website by clicking here.