eNews November 2017

NM WRRI Hosts Workshop on Powersim Studio Software (continued)

During the three-day workshop, Jake and Len shared their passion and expertise for Powersim and system dynamics in general with the thirteen participants. The highly interactive and hands-on structure of the workshop led participants to an improved understanding of the software and highlighted the use of some of the powerful functions within it.

In response to the enthusiasm shared by the instructors and participants, an online working group between Mindseye Computing and NM WRRI will be arranged to assist in ongoing and future modeling efforts. One of the workshop attendees, Yining Bai, a Ph.D. candidate with the WSM program and who is currently using Powersim to build a physics-based hydrological and water resources management model for the Lower Rio Grande said, “The workshop helped me realize when to use a conceptual model that uses endogenous data to characterize a generic system, and when to use a geographically specific model with exogenous data to address different problems. I am also looking forward to having an online working group where we can communicate our system dynamics learning experiences and ideas with others who share our interest in modeling the water supply.”