eNews September 2016

NM WRRI Awards 15 Student Water Research Grants

University of New Mexico

James Fluke, Civil Engineering, MS; (Dr. Ricardo González-Pinzón)
Characterization of pathogenic bacterial regrowth and impairment potential along the Rio Grande near Albuquerque

Amanda Otieno, Biology/Water Resources Program, MS; (Dr. Rebecca Bixby)
Investigation of soil composition from burned areas affecting water quality changes following wildfires

Chase Stearnes, Civil Engineering, BS; (Dr. Andrew Schuler)
A lab and pilot scale comparison of attached growth and suspended culture for the algal remediation of arsenic from water


New Mexico Tech

Johnny Hinojosa, Earth and Environmental Science/Geology, MS; (Dr. Peter Mozley)
Integrated geological, geophysical, and hydrological study of field-scale fault-zone cementation and permeability

Michael Wine, Earth & Environmental Science, Hydrology, PhD; (Dr. Daniel Cadol)
Spatial prediction of soil hydraulic properties accounting for variable wildfire burn severity, Valles Caldera, New Mexico


Eastern New Mexico University

Andrew Letter, Biology, MS; (Dr. Ivana Mali)
Monitoring water quality parameters within a known range of Western River Cooters (Pseudemys gorzugi) within Black River Drainage


New Mexico Highlands University

Behnaz Yekkeh, Natural Resource Management, MS; (Dr. Edward Martinez)
Is there a relationship between tree canopy cover change on the landscape and the discharge of Gallinas Creek through time (from 1939 to 2015) in Las Vegas, NM?


New Mexico State University

Garrett Gibson, Civil Engineering, BS; (Dr. Salim Bawazir)
Improved meteorological infrastructure for water management in the Middle and Lower Rio Grande, New Mexico

Befekadu Habteyes, Water Science and Management, PhD; (Dr. Frank Ward)
Economic performance of water conservation and storage capacity development to adapt to climate in the American Southwest

Manuel Lopez, Geography, MS; (Dr. Daniel Dugas)
Post wildfire geomorphic and hydrological effects in the Upper Santa Fe Municipal Watershed

Nhat Nguyen, Chemistry and Biochemistry, BS/BA; (Dr. Antonio Lara)
Uranium abatement for contaminated, limited water resources using clay pellets

Stephanie Richins, Chemical and Materials Engineering, BS; (Dr. Hongmai Luo)
Solar energy assisted water purification: Incorporation of an environmentally benign porous graphitized carbon nitride photocatalyst with graphitized polyacrylonitrile for efficient oxidation of toxic arsenite

Jeremy Schallner, Animal and Range Sciences, MS; (Dr. Amy Ganguli)
Effects of NRCS and BLM conservation practices on plant and soil biological communities and hydrologic processes in the Rio Puerco Watershed

Tyler Wallin, Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, MS; (Dr. Colleen Caldwell)
Gila National Forest stream temperature and intermittency monitoring network for species of special interest

William Weaver, Civil Engineering, PhD; (Dr. Lambis Papelis)
Pore-scale transport of strontium and chromate during dynamic water content changes in the unsaturated zone