Technical Reports

Full TitleIDDate PublishedAuthors
In-situ Synthesis of Antibacterial Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Membranes with Controllable Pore SizeTR386August-2021S Qavi,
R Foudazi
Estimating Soil Water Holding Capacity and Runoff in New Mexico to Improve Modeled Recharge RatesTR384May-2021D Cadol
G Parrish
S Reuter
T Newton
F Phillips
J Hendrickx
Reducing Treatment Costs of Alternative Waters with Antifouling Ion-Exchange MembranesTR383May 2020
P Xu,
H Wang
X Xu
G Ma
M Tesfai
Predictive Soil Mapping to Improve the Physical Basis of Distributed Ecohydrological Models in Arid EnvironmentsTR382December-2021C Brungard
M Allan
New Mexico’s Mountain Sources of Water: A Mechanistic Approach to Understand Mountain Recharge and its Implications for Local and Statewide Water BudgetsTR381February-2021J Gomez-Velez
C Wang
A Dynamic Statewide Water Budget for New Mexico: Phase III–Future Scenario ImplementationTR380January-2021K Peterson
A Hanson
J Roach
J Randall
B Thomson
Effect of Wildfire Ash on Water QualityTR379November-2021J Cerrato
A Rahman
Advanced Chemical Analysis Capability for Alternative Water Source ResearchTR378September-2021T Schaub
J Jarvis
P Xu
N Khandan
Biochar for Desalination Concentrate ManagementTR377April-2021K Sarpong
C Brewer
O J Idowu
The Cost of Direct and Indirect Potable Water Reuse in a Medium
Sized Arid Inland Community
TR376April-2021J Herman
C Scruggs
Accessing Produced Water Data in New Mexico: Improving and Updating the NM Produced Water Quality Database and Web SiteTR375October-2021M Cather
C Gallegos
D Chen
Arsenic Removal from Water by Porous PolymersTR374October-2021R Foudazi
R Zowada
A Malakian
Self-Sustaining Produced Water Treatment for Concurrent Renewable Energy Production, Desalination and Organic RemovalTR373July-2021P Xu,
Z Stoll
Assessment of Water Table and Water Quality Variations with Respect to the River Flow Along the Rio Grande Between Garfield NM and the New Mexico – Texas BorderTR372April-2021B Stringam,
M Shukla,
B Nana O Kuffour
Doing Hydrology Backwards in New Mexico to Estimate a Statewide Water BudgetTR371March-2021C Herrington, RG Pinzón
Water Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty:
How Can Our Water Laws and Policies Better Support Water
TR370February-2021A Oglesby
Exploring Policy Alternatives for Controlling Nitrate Pollution from New Mexico's DairiesTR369December-2021J Wang,
JR Joshi
Drought, Salinity, and Invasive Plants: A New Model for Sustainable Water ManagementTR368November-2021GA Picchioni,
TN Hooks,
BJ Schutte,
DL Daniel
Use of the DRASTIC Model to Evaluate Groundwater Pollution Sensitivity from On-Site Wastewater Systems in the Mesilla BasinTR367July-2021JS Walker,
C Brown,
S Fernald
Validation, Calibration, and Improvement of Remote Sensing ET Algorithms in Mountainous Regions Using ScintillometersTR366May-2021JMH Hendrickx,
J Kleissl
Distribution and Transport of Pyrogenic Black Carbon in Soils Affected by Wildfires, Valles Caldera, New Mexico, with Implications for Contaminant TransportTR365March-2021D Cadol,
A Galanter,
P Nicholls
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Karst Conduit-Matrix Exchanges with Relevance to Contaminant Transport and Chemical ReactionsTR362July-2021JL Wilson,
KM Henry
Utilization of Saline and Other Impaired Waters for Turfgrass IrrigationTR358February-2021B Leinauer
Estimating Water Use Through Satellite Remote SensingTR357December-2021AlR Piñón-Villarreal,
ZA Samani,
AS Bawazir,
MP Bleiweiss,
R Skaggs,
VT Tran
Analysis of Water Rights Prices in New Mexico’s Lower Rio Grande BasinTR356November-2021L DeMouche,
S Landfair,
FA Ward
Sustainable Recovery of Potable Water from Saline WatersTR355September-2021NN Khandan,
VG Gude
Digital Hydrogeologic-Framework Model of the San Francisco River Basin, West-Central New Mexico and East-Central ArizonaTR354June-2021JW Hawley,
BVNP Kambhammettu,
BJ Creel
Simulation of Groundwater Flow in the Southern Jornada Del Muerto Basin, Dona Ana County, New MexicoTR352February-2021BVNP Kambhammettu,
P Allena ,
JP King
Land Application of Industrial Effluent on a Chihuahuan Desert Ecosystem: Impact on Soil Physical and Hydraulic PropertiesTR351January-2021MK Shukla,
JG Mexal,
GA Picchioni,
T Sammis,
D Daniel,
P Adhikari,
M Babcock
Conjunctive Surface-Water / Groundwater Model in the Southern Rincon Valley Using Modflow-2005 with the Farm ProcessTR350December-2021W Schmid,
JP King,
T Maddock
Hydrogeologic Framework of the Binational Western Hueco Bolson-Paso del Norte Area, Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua: Overview and Progress Report on Digital-Model DevelopmentTR349December-2021JW Hawley,
JF Kennedy,
A Granados-Olivas,
MA Ortiz
The Development of a Coordinated Database for Water Resources and Flow Model in the Paso del Norte Watershed (Phase III) Part I Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Model [LRGFCM] RiverWare Model DevelopmentTR348 INovember-2021S Tillery,
JP King,
B Creel,
C Brown,
A Michelsen,
R Srinivasan,
A Granados
The Development of a Coordinated Database for Water Resources and Flow Model in the Paso del Norte Watershed (Phase III) Part II Availability of Flow and Water Quality Data for the Rio Grande Project AreaTR348 IINovember-2021S Tillery,
JP King,
B Creel,
C Brown,
A Michelsen,
R Srinivasan,
A Granados
The Development of a Coordinated Database for Water Resources and Flow Model in the Paso del Norte Watershed (Phase III) Part III GIS Coverage for the Valle de Juárez Irrigation District 009 (ID-009) (Distrito de Riego 009) Chihuahua, MexicoTR348 IIINovember-2021A Granados
Water Quality And Land Use: Implications For Regulation And Urban PlanningTR346December-2021GA Aldrich,
J Chermak,
JA Thacher
Development and Testing of a Semi-Distributed Watershed Model: Case Studies Exploring the Impact of Climate Variability and Change in the Rio SaladoTR345October-2021CA Aragón,
ER Vivoni
Installation of River and Drain Instrumentation Stations to Monitor Flow and Water Quality and Internet Data SharingTR344August-2021Z Sheng,
C Brown,
B Creel,
R Srinivasan,
A Michelsen,
MP Fahy
Solar Desalination of Brackish Water Using Membrane Distillation ProcessTR342January-2021S Deng
Phase II Final Project Report Paso del Norte Watershed Council Coordinated Water Resources Database and GIS ProjectTR341October-2021C Brownm,
Z Sheng,
M Bourdon
Mitigation of Membrane Biofouling by Harnessing Bacterial CannibalismTR338July-2021F Huang,
S Rogelj
The Development of a Coordinated Database for Water Resources and Flow Model in the Paso del Norte WatershedTR337December-2021S Tillery,
JP King,
B Creel,
C Brown,
A Michelsen,
R Srinivasan,
A Granados
Study of Potential Water Salvage on the Tucumcari Project Arch Hurley Conservancy District Phase I: A Pre-appraisal-level Study of the Potential Amount of Water That May Be Saved, and the Costs of Alternative Methods of Reducing Carriage Losses from District CanalsTR335June-2021JP King,
JW Hawley,
JW Hernandez,
JF Kennedy,
E Martinez
Effects of Salinity and Suspended Sediment on Physical Properties of the Egg of the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow (Hybognathus amarus)TR334May-2021DE Cowley,
J Alleman,
RR McShane,
PD Shirey,
R Sallenave
Terrestrial Vegetation Inventory of Water Delivery Systems Between San Acacia Diversion and the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife RefugeTR333January-2021J Boren,
TT Baker,
D Cowley,
G Mason,
S Eaton,
B Hurd
Creation of a Digital Hydrogeologic Framework Model of the Mesilla Basin and Southern Jornada del Muerto BasinTR332June-2021JW Hawley,
JF Kennedy
Development of a Laser-Based Detection System for Water-Borne PathogensTR331June-2021GB Smith,
KH Oshima
Sources of Salinity in the Rio Grande and Mesilla Basin GroundwaterTR330February-2021JC Witcher,
JP King,
JW Hawley,
JF Kennedy,
J Williams,
M Cleary,
LR Bothern
A Joint Investigation of Evapotranspiration Depletion of Treated and Non-Treated Saltcedar at the Elephant Butte Delta, New MexicoTR328November-2021AS Bawazir,
JP King,
S Kidambi,
B Tanzy,
F Nibling,
NHT Stowe,
MJ Fahl
Paso del Norte Watershed Council Coordinated Water Resources Database ProjectTR327January-2021C Brown,
Z Sheng,
M Rich
Review of Institutional Governance Structures for Surface Water Treatment Plants for the Lower Rio Grande of New MexicoTR325December-2021S Whitcomb-Thomas
Genetic Techniques for the Verification and Monitoring of Dihaloethane Biodegradation in New Mexico AquifersTR324June-2021RA Reiss,
P Guerra
Creating a Single Map: Regional Geographic Information System to support water planning in the Paso del Norte RegionTR322May-2021JF Kennedy,
AG Olivas,
R Aldouri,
Dr. R Keller,
Dr. BJ Creel,
M Cleary,
J Chavez,
H Rojas,
N Reyes,
V Vargas
F Rueda,
B Martinez,
O Aragones,
A Rueda,
R Valenzuela
A Flash Flood Prediction Model for Rural and Urban Basins in New MexicoTR321March-2021S Snell,
K Gregory
Arsenic and Arsenic Species in the Rio Grande, and the effect on irrigated landsTR320February-2021DI Norman
LM Dilley
The Influence of Soil Moisture on the Surface Energy Balance in Semiarid EnvironmentsTR318June-2021EE Small,
S Kurc
Institutional adjustments for coping with prolonged and severe drought in the Rio Grande BasinTR317February-2021FA Ward,
R Young,
R Lacewell,
JP King,
M Frasier,
JT McGuckin,
C DuMars,
J Booker,
J Ellis,
R Srinivasan
Efficient and predictable recovery of viruses and Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts from water by ultrafiltration systemsTR316February-2021KH Oshima
The Impact of Heterogeneous Consumer Response on Water Conservation GoalsTR315February-2021JM Chermak,
K Krause
Hyperfiltration-Induced Precipitation of Sodium ChlorideTR314February-2021TM Whitworth,
C Gu
Detection of Groundwater Through Ultra-Sensitive Magnetic Measurements with Ultra-Short Pulse LasersTR313February-2021JC Diels
Miniaturized DNA Biosensor System for Detecting Cryptosporidium in Water SamplesTR311May-2000Joseph Wang
Temporal Variability of Diffuse Groundwater Recharge in New MexicoTR309June-1998AK Kearns,
JMH Hendrickx
Determination of Agricultural Chemical Impacts on Shallow Groundwater Quality in the Rio Grande Valley: Las Nutrias Groundwater ProjectTR308June-1998RS Bowman,
JMH Hendrickx
Arsenic Remediation in Drinking Waters Using Ferrate and Ferrous IonsTR307June-1998CM Vogels,
MD Johnson
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Mercury in Caballo and Elephant Butte Reservoirs, Sierra County, New MexicoTR306May-1998CA Caldwell,
CM Canavan
Ground-Water Aquifer Sensitivity Assessment and Management Practices Evaluation for Pesticides in the Mesilla Valley of New MexicoTR305May-1998BJ Creel,
TW Sammis,
JF Kennedy,
DO Sitze,
D Asare,
HC Monger,
ZA Samani
Geologic Membrane Controls on Saturated Zone Heavy Metal TransportTR303November-1997TM Whitworth;
Determining the Toxicity of Herbicides Using a Novel MethodTR301January-1997JL Botsford
Selective Removal of Toxic Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water Supplies Using Immobilized Humic SubstancesTR300August-1996Rayson, G.D.;
Stark, P.C.;
Haskins, W.E.;
Lin, S.;
Xia H.
Expression and Function of a Highly Conserved Water Stress ProteinTR299May-1996Lammers, Peter;
Bongianni, Julie;
Shahram, Mori
Biodegradation of Trihalomethanes and other Halogenated Aliphatic CompoundsTR298May-1996Smith, Geoffrey B.
Wetting Front Instability in the Vadose Zone of New Mexico’s SoilsTR296April-1996Jan M.H. Hendrickx;
Tzung-mow (Mike) Yao
Economic Optimization of River Management Using Genetic AlgorithmsTR295November-1995King, J. Phillip;
Ward, Frank A.;
Fahmy, Hazem S.;
Wentzel, Mark W.
An Expanded Suite of Tracers for Hydrological InvestigationsTR294September-1995Bowman, Robert S.;
Benson, Carl F.;
Verploegh, Jeanne
Arsenate Precipitation Using Ferric Iron in Acidic ConditionsTR293September-1995Cadena, Fernando;
Kirk, Tim L.
User’s Guide for RIOFISH: A Comprehensive Management System Model for New Mexico SportfisheriesTR292July-1995Cole, Richard A.;
Green-Hammond, Katherine A.;
Ward, Frank A.;
Ward, Tim J.;
Deitner, Robert A.
RIOFISH: A Comprehensive Management System Model for New Mexico SportfisheriesTR291July-1995Cole, Richard A.;
Ward, Timothy;
Ward, Frank;
Deitner, Robert;
Rodden, Robert;
Bolton, Susan;
Green-Hammond, Katherine
Somatic Cell Selection to Genetically Improve Plant Water-Use Efficiency and Tolerance to StressesTR289December-1994Phillips, G.C.;
Saavedra, R.;
Kuehn, G.D.
Modeling Delivery of Landslide Materials to StreamsTR288September-1994Ward, Tim J.
Evaluation of a Subsurface Flow Wetland Processing Sewage from the Sevilleta LTER Field StationTR287June-1994Eleonora H. Trotter;
Bruce Thomson;
Ross Coleman
Modeling Erosion and Transport of Depleted Uranium, Yuma Proving GroundTR286June-1994Ward, T.J.;
Stevens, K.A.
Sewage Sludge Application in Semiarid Grasslands: Effects on Vegetation and Water QualityTR285April-1994Richard Aguilar;
Samuel R. Loftin;
Tim J. Ward;
Kenny A. Stevens;
James R. Gosz
A Comparison of Telephone, Mail and Creel Survey Results for Angler Success and Time Spent Fishing in Six New Mexico LakesTR283March-1994Cole, R.;
Deitner, R.;
Neumann, R.; Hatch, M.
A Hydrothermal Study to Estimate Vertical Groundwater Flow in the Canutillo Well Field, between Las Cruces and El PasoTR282February-1994Wade, S.C.;
Reiter, M.
Assessment of Biological Treatments to Remediate Cyanide Heap-Leached OreTR281April-1994Markwiese, J.T.;
Dahm, C.N.
Analysis of Central Arizona Angler Opportunity and Benefits Gained by Installing Artificial Habitat in Saguaro Lake, Based on Adaptation of the Comprehensive Management Planning Model, RIOFISHTR280December-1993Cole, R.A.;
Ward, F.A.;
Ward, T.J.;
Deitner, R.A.;
Bolton, S.M.;
Fiore, J.
Determination of Three-Dimensional Aquifer Anisotropy of an Unconfined Aquifer under Partially Penetrating Pumping ConditionsTR279November-1993Chen, C.-S.;
Holmes, C.;
Chace, D.;
Fort, M.;
Jingfang, H.;
Liu, J.
Rainfall Simulation to Estimate Potential Sediment Loadings to the Albuquerque North Diversion ChannelTR278May-1993Ward, T.J.
Onsite Treatment of Septic Tank Effluent: An Evaluation of Rotating Biological Contactor CapabilitiesTR277May-1993Jacquez, R.B.;
Vora, F.;
Zaidan, N.A-K.
Analysis of Relationships Between Lightning, Precipitation, and RunoffTR276March-1993Gosz, J.R.;
Moore, D.I.;
Grover, H.D.;
Rison, W.;
Rison, C.;
Ward, T.J.;
Stevens, K.A.;
Bolton, S.M.
Air Quality Studies in Albuquerque, New MexicoTR275March-1993Popp, C.J.
Tilting of Surficial Strata and Groundwater Level Fluctuations in the Subsiding Mimbres Basin, New MexicoTR274February-1993Haneberg, W.C.;
Friesen, R.L.
Preferential Flow Effects on Chemical Transport and Retardation in SoilsTR272November-1992Economy, K.;
Bowman, R.S.
Developing Criteria for Small On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems: Two Case StudiesTR271October-1992King, J.P.;
Fahmy, H.S.;
Blair, A.W.;
Jacquez, R.
Low Volatile Organics in Groundwater: Techno-Economic Evaluation of an Innovative Treatment ProcessTR270September-1992Khandan, N.N.;
Peace, G.L.;
Shanbhag, A.R.
A Reconstruction of the Response of the Water Balance in Western United States Lake Basins to Climatic ChangeTR269August-1992Phillips, F.M.;
Campbell, A.R.;
Kruger, C.;
Johnson, P.;
Roberts, R.;
Keyes, E.
The Effects of Wetting on Transport of Organics in GroundwaterTR268August-1992Bowman, R.S.;
Wilson, J.L.
Transfers of Water Use in New MexicoTR267August-1992Brown, F.L.;
DuMars, C.;
Minnis, M.;
Anderson Smasal S.;
Kennedy, D.;
Urban, J.A.
Aquatic Ecology/Toxicology and Lab Course DevelopmentTR266February-1992White, C.S.
Effects of Aquifer Environmental Factors on Biodegradation of Organic ContaminantsTR264February-1992Watwood, M.E.;
Dahm, C.N.
Increased Water-Use Efficiency in Alfalfa by Selection for Two Key, Heritable Physiological TraitsTR263July-1992Gutschick, V.P.;
Currier, C.G.
Study of Multidimensional Flow and Transport in the Vadose ZoneTR262December-1991Bowman, R.S.;
Stephens, D.B.
Groundwater Quality in Pumping Wells Located Near Surface Water BodiesTR261November-1991Wilson, J.L.;
Linderfelt, W.R.
Field Analysis on the Role of Three-Dimensional Moisture Flow in Ground-Water Recharge and EvapotranspirationTR260July-1991Stephens, D.B.;
Hicks, E.; Stein, T.
Hydrologic Parameters for Selected Soils in Arizona and New Mexico as Determined by Rainfall SimulationTR259July-1991Ward, T.J.;
Bolton, S.M.
Lipid Production from Algae Grown in Saline Water Using Low Intensity Culture TechniquesTR258June-1991Herman, R. Peter
Alluvial Aquifer Heterogeneities in the Rio Grande Valley: Implications for Ground Water ContaminationTR256April-1991Davis, J.M.;
Colarullo, S.J.;
Lohmann, R.C;
Phillips, F.M.
Expediting Changes in Water Use Hydrologic Criteria and Market TransactionsTR255 IJune-1991Nunn, S.C.;
Ben-David, S.;
Urban, J.;
Shomaker, J.W.
Use of Hydrologic Criteria to Expedite Changes in Water Use in the Mimbres Basin, New MexicoTR255 IIJune-1991Blair, A.W.;
Stevens, K.
Regenerative Properties of Spent Tailored SoilsTR254November-1990Cadena, F.C.;
Cazares, E.
Riofish, A Fishery Management Planning Model for New Mexico ReservoirsTR253December-1990Cole, R.A.;
Ward, T.J.;
Ward, F.A.;
Deitner, R.;
Bolton, S.M.;
Fiore, J.;
Green-Hammond, K.
User’s Guide for Riofish: A Fishery Management Model for Large New Mexico ReservoirsTR252December-1990Green-Hammond, K.;
Cole, R.A.;
Ward, F.A.;
Ward, T.J.;
Bolton, S.;
Deitner, R.A.;
Fiore, J.
New Approaches to Metal Speciation in Natural Waters Based on Modified and Microvoltammetric ElectrodesTR251August-1990Wang, J.
Laboratory Investigation of Residual Liquid Organics from Spills, Leaks, and the Disposal of Hazardous Wastes in Groundwater (EPA/600/6-90/004)TR250April-1990Wilson, J.L.;
Conrad, S.H.;
Mason, W.R.;
Peplinski, W.;
Hagan, E.
Microalgae Production and Shellfish Feeding Trials at the Roswell Test FacilityTR249March-1990Goldstein, B.
New Gene Sources for Development of Agronomic Plants with Tolerances to Drought and Other Abiotic StressesTR247November-1989Kuehn, G.
Heat Shock Protein Expression in Thermotolerant and Thermosensitive Lines of CottonTR246November-1989O’Connell, M.A.
Analysis of Soil-Water Movement on a Sandy Hill SlopeTR245October-1989McCord, J.T.;
Stephens, D.B.
Water Use by and Salinity Effects Upon Trickle Irrigated Grape Production in the Southern Basin and Range Province of New MexicoTR244August-1989Van Pelt, R.S.;
Wierenga, P.J.
Determination of Hydrologic Parameters for Selected Soils in Arizona and New Mexico Utilizing Rainfall SimulationTR243June-1989Ward, T.J.;
Bolin, S.
Late Quaternary Paleohydrology of the Eastern Mojave River Drainage, Southern California: Quantitative Assessment of the Late Quaternary Hydrologic Cycle in Large Arid WatershedsTR242May-1989Wells, S.;
Anderson, R.;
McFadden, L.
A Study of Rainfall Simulators, Runoff and Erosion Processes, and Nutrient Yields on Selected Sites in Arizona and New MexicoTR241April-1989Ward, T. and Bolin, S.
Removal and Selective Recovery of Heavy Metal Ions from Industrial Waste WatersTR240March-1989Darnall, D.;
Gardea-Torresdey, J.
A Physiological Route to Increased Water Use-Efficiency in AlfalfaTR239February-1989Gutschick, V.;
Cunningham, G.
Improving Livestock Tolerance of Toxicants in Kochia Toward Increased Use as a Water-Efficient CropTR236January-1989Smith, S.;
Kiesling, H.E;
Hallford, D.M.;
Rankins, D.L.;
Erikson, M.K.;
Finkner, R.E.;
French, C.
A Stable Isotope Investigation of Vapor Transport During Ground-Water Recharge in New MexicoTR237February-1989Knowlton, R.G.;
Phillips, F.M.;
Campbell, A.R.
Treatment of Water Supplies Contaminated with Toxic Pollutants Using Tailored SoilsTR235November-1988Cadena, F.C.
Assessing the Sensitivity of High Altitude New Mexican Wilderness Lakes to Acidic Precipitation and Trace Metal ContaminationTR234November-1988Lynch, T.;
Popp C;
Jacobi, G.;
Robertson, J.
Variably Saturated Flow between Streams and AquifersTR233September-1988Peterson, D.M.;
Wilson, J.L.
A History of New Mexico State University’s Well Development and Ground Water UseTR232May-1988Lashway, C.
Growth of Channel Catfish in Saline Groundwaters of the Pecos Valley of New MexicoTR231June-1988Turner, P.R.
Mechanisms of Salt Tolerance in Plants Relevant to Closed System Agriculture in Desert EnvironmentsTR230June-1988Cunningham, G.;
Neufeld, H.;
Goldring, Y.
Field Study of Ephemeral Stream Infiltration and RechargeTR228January-1988Stephens, D.B.;
Havlena, J.;
Cox, W.
Hazardous Organic Wastes from Natural Gas Products Processing and Distribution: Environmental FatesTR227November-1986Eiceman, G.A.
Large Scale Parameter Estimation through the Inverse Procedure and Uncertainty Propagation in the Columbus Basin, New MexicoTR226September-1987Blandford, T.N.;
Wilson, J.L.
Irrigation Management Procedures to Maximize Production of Alfalfa Populations Selected for Increased Performance Under Deficit Levels of IrrigationTR225September-1987Currier, C.;
Melton, B.;
Mayernak, J.
Development of A Drip Irrigation Scheduling ModelTR224August-1987Sammis, T.;
Williams, S.;
Jernigan, D.
A Model for Optimization of Socio-Economic Fishery Value on the Rio Grande in New MexicoTR223April-1987Cole, R.;
Ward, F.;
Ward, T.,;
Deitner, R.;
Fiore, J.;
Bolin, S.;
Green-Hammond, K.
Evaluation of the Potential to Improve Alfalfa for Production Under Less than Optimum Moisture ConditionsTR222May-1987Currier, C.G.;
Melton, B.A.;
Wilson, M.L.
Somatic Cell Selection Criteria for Water Use Efficiency Using Genetically Differential AlfalfasTR221May-1987Phillips, G.C.
Quantification of Groundwater Recharge Rates in New Mexico Using Bomb 36CL, Bomb-3H, and Chloride as Soil-Water TracersTR220March-1987Mattick, J.L.;
Duval, T.A.;
Phillips, F.
State Appropriation of Unappropriated Groundwater: A Strategy for Insuring New Mexico a Water Future Second ReportTR200aJanuary-1987DuMars, C.;
Bahr, T.;
Cummings, R.G.; DeYound, T.;
Rodgers, A.B.;
Taylor, S.A.;
Utton, A.E.
Evaluation of Available Saline Water Resources for the Construction of Large Scale Microalgae Production Facilities in New MexicoTR218December-1986Lansford, R.;
Hernandez, J.;
Enis, P.;
Mapel, C.
The Survival and Growth of Spirulina Spp. in the Saline Groundwaters of New MexicoTR217November-1986Goldstein, B.
Modeling Impacts of Grazing Animals on Nutrient Mobilization into Small ReservoirTR216December-1986Cole, R.;
Parker, M.;
Payne, R.;
Weigmann, D.
A Study of Runoff and Erosion Processes Using Large and Small Area Rainfall SimulatorsTR215November-1986Ward, T.
Use of Saline Water for Buffalo Gourd Production in New MexicoTR214November-1986Whittier, J.
A Selective Breeding Program to Improve the Water-Use Efficiency and Nutritive Acceptability of Kochia as a Forage Grazing CropTR213November-1986Fuehring, H.D.;
Finkner, R.E.
Projections of Water Availability in the Lower Rio Grande, Gila, San Francisco and Mimbres Drainage Basins to 2005TR212October-1986Tysseling, J.C.;
Boldt, D.;
McDonald, B.
Evaluation of Salt Tolerance in AzollaTR211October-1986Johnson, G.V.
Biosorption/Heavy Metal Ions from Industrial/Mining Waste WatersTR210September-1986Darnall, D.
Criteria for the Identification of Potential Sites for Irrigation with Saline Waters in New MexicoTR209August-1986Hernandez, J.W.
Guide to Water Records of New Mexico, 1897-1983TR208July-1986Lee, J.T.;
Miller, D.A.;
Clark, I.G.
Optimization of Irrigation Scheduling with Alternative Saline Water Supplies in the Roswell-Artesia Basin, 1985TR207June-1986Lansford, R.R.;
McGuckin, J.T.;
Mapel, C.L. ;
Creel, B.J.;
Sammis, T.W.
Selecting Genotypes of Valencia Peanuts for Salt Tolerance and Effective Saline Water UtilizationTR206June-1986Hsi, D.C.
Preliminary Studies Characterizing Wastewater From the Intensive Culture of Channel Catfish and Nitrification in Laboratory Scale Submerged FiltersTR205June-1986Jacquez, R.B.;
El-Rayes, H.;
Lou, C.M.
The Ecophysiological Bases of Salt Tolerance in Distichlis Spicata: Background for DomesticationTR204June-1986Cunningham, G.;
Allen, E.;
Cromer, A.;
Kemp, P.;
Reynolds, J.
Consumptive Use and Salt Accumulation with Trickle Irrigation on Row CropsTR203May-1986Wierenga, P.J.
Economic Impact of Alternative Resolutions of New Mexico Pueblo Indian Water Rights (Volume III)TR202June-1986Tysseling, J.
Economic Impact of Alternative Resolutions of New Mexico Pueblo Indian Water Rights (Volume II)TR201June-1986Farah, P.;
McDonald, B.
State Appropriation of Unappropriated Groundwater: A Strategy for Insuring New Mexico a Water FutureTR200January-1986DuMars, C.;
Brown, F.L.;
Cummings, R.G.;
Lansford, R.;
Rodgers, A.B.;
Utton, A.E.
Yield and Composition of Kochia Forage as Affected by Salinity of Water and Percent LeachingTR199December-1985Fuehring, H.D.;
Finkner, R.E.;
Oty, G.W.
Evaluation of the Salinity Tolerance of Russian Thistle to Determine its Potential for Forage Production Using Saline Irrigation WaterTR198July-1985Fowler, J.L.;
Hageman, J.;
Suzukida M.
An Integrated Isotopic/Physical Approach to a Numerical Model of Groundwater Flow in the San Juan BasinTR197December-1984Phillips, F.;
Tansey, M.
Pecan Nut Yield and Tree Growth as Influenced by IrrigationTR196September-1985Sammis, T.;
Riley, W.;
Williams, S.
Combining Nutrient Removal With Protein Synthesis Using A Water Hyacinth Freshwater Prawn Polyculture Wastewater Treatment SystemTR195June-1985Jacquez, R.;
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The Survival and Growth of Spirulina spp. in the Saline Groundwaters of New MexicoTR194June-1985Goldstein, B.
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